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  1. That would be totally unrelated @Sweeeeet Ronny D, that was from Orion Bank liquidating, I had 100,000k shares at 2000ppu.
  2. You can’t complain about rng bud, I got a 2400 vs 1150 moderate dogfight on you and a 2400 vs 1875 pyrrhic 🤔. Secondly infra losses mean nothing to me, I sold 3 cities from 3000->300 to get in your range. 😜
  3. It's important to notice that we activated our ODP to Defend, Agon was the aggressor, so were 404 to do anything they would simply be declaring war, not defending an ally as their ally was in fact the aggressor. To clarify, that is a separate event and being handled as such, however CotL was countered for launching offensives on Horsemen, and only those with active offensives on horsemen were hit, CotL was not attacked at random.
  4. After countering raids by Agon on horsemen yesterday, uninvolved Terminus Est members were hit in retaliation, Terminus Est hereby recognizes hostilities with Agon. PS: expect a more complete post later today- at work 😜
  5. Fun fact, at current food prices, that land will pay for itself it just over 13 irl years, assuming 0% radiation. ?
  6. Terminus Est Declares war on Respublica Romana. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne, Let Beat the Drums of War!
  7. This has been happening to my members as well as others that I know of as well. I'll try to make a complete list in a day or two when I have the time.
  8. Did they not defend Terminus Est to the fullest extent possible? I don't see how you can possibly say that's not worth much, what's not worth much is your honor after hitting us while negotiating but I guess you'd already lost that anyway.
  9. Well then answer this, if we wanted to dodge the war why didn't we just accept you terms? Any war dodger would have accepted those terms.
  10. I mean it's not a predicament imo, we can fight until the end of time for all I care, heck if you know what you're doing you can make more money in war then in peace so ?‍♂️
  11. Has more members from your side than mine.
  12. ? Yep, has been fighting for 3 years, 1st for all unit kills all time, shit I'm a war dodger.
  13. I totally agree, however we're still waiting for your surrender.
  14. I mean personally I'm fine if we're fighting into 2020 or 2021 even, forget the plane gap the one ship gap is what's important...
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