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  1. Guess who's back, back again, TEst is back go tell a friend. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne, Let Beat the Drums of War! They never understand us, not truly, and understand even less with each passing second. They doubt. They think we have lost our way. We see it in their hearts - the pettiness, the pride, the seeds of ruin driving them on, feeding our tempest. With such creatures must we remake the future! A thousand battles. Ten thousand. Ten times ten times ten thousand, to bring about the new age. All of the certainties of the past torn down, all the beliefs that made them turned to ashes. War on every front, stretched across time until none can know when the final blow will come. There is no disaster, for all disasters serve us alone. The storm rises only so that the thunderbolt may fall. No others would have ever dared this. Perhaps this is why we are chosen. Perhaps that is the only moment of honesty. It does not matter how the galaxy burns, only that it does. Terminus Est - that is what it means, brothers. The strength to do what must be done. The Throne of Skulls. The Silken Cavalcade. The Cauldron of Despair. The Crystal Tower. By these things are we forged anew in the swells of the God-Sea. In fury, in excess, in morbidity, and in transformation: by these measures is our devotion to the Gods made manifest. As the Warp feeds us, so too is the Warp fed by us. As we are consumed, so too shall we consume: we are the apotheosis of the Chosen! Government: Warmaster: Boyce the Great Primarch: Insert Name Here Dark apostles: Dragonk Treaties: Protection-T$.
  2. @Alex It should also be considered the affects this would have on the entire game. Banking is my main concern, because of the large pullout of whales. For example if just 3 people, me, @Seb and @Sphinx pulled everything we have invested in banks across that game it would have a relatively serious negative affect on banking. Now imagine everyone with 30+ cities and investments doing this, which judging from everyone I have spoken to seems probable. While some banks with a large reserve such as Orion and a few others would likely be fine, it would cause a lack of cash further compounding the price of resources as everyone below 20 cities would sell needing cash, while the whales have already bought cities, so they have no reason to buy. It would also cause a significant increase of interest rates, (supply and demand) further spreading the gap between whales and newer players.
  3. I mean, a better fix would be to simply remove or nerf the production bonus instead of breaking another portion of the game to fix one.
  4. Well, I'm pretty sure people would lose their shit if 25% or more of their cities got randomly turned off for a month until they could turn them all back on. Not to mention this would break wars and war ranges for the next few months.
  5. I mean I have to agree, I would spam buy cities if this were going to be added and be locked in the mid 30's+ forever.
  6. Well, this just basically stops the game for anyone 30+ and to some extent 25+, for example Seb would have well over a billion $ invested in retroactive payments before even buying a city, that is an extreme example but still, i hate the idea of something like this being retroactive but if it isn't retroactive then it would be unfair to new players, this just simply isn't the solution.
  7. So troop losses are too high that is for sure. There is also the fact that planes are OP. I believe a fix to this issue would be that a Pyrrhic victory ground battle destroys 1% of planes a moderate destroys 3% and an immense triumph destroys 5%, the actual percents could change a bit but this seems reasonable. Same with ships but a bit differently, ships count towards your planes defensively only, and one ship would be worth 2-4 planes. Well, utter failure dogfights are broken for sure, it makes no logical sense that you could get a utter failure and lose significantly less planes than your opponent, this is true with pyrrhic victories to some extent as well.
  8. That was me, this was round two Empire looted $966,081,661, 4,394 Coal, 13,826 Oil, 8,163 Uranium, 2,084 Iron, 1,437 Bauxite, 1,202 Lead, 154,179 Gasoline, 141,434 Munitions, 66,463 Steel, 25,086 Aluminum, and 258,169 Food. Liones also lost 10.5% of the infrastructure in each of their cities. That was the first time.
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