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I hopped off the plane at LAX...

Vincent Meyer

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United States of America
Declaration of Existence

United States of America is a young alliance seeking to rapidly expand, and given the benefits of USA membership, we believe that anyone looking for an alliance will be willing to join us on the frontier in our quest for manifest destiny.
How to Join
Joining United States of America is as simple as applying from our alliance page. In order to be accepted, you will also have to join our Discord server, which you can reach using this link, and contact an official of our alliance for final approval.
In-Game Specifics
We are on the White Trade Federation color bloc and headquartered in North America. Despite our small size, you can rest assured that your nation is safe, thanks to our immensely powerful protector, The Commonwealth.
Our highest officials are our President: Vincent Meyer, leader of States of America along with the Judicial Branch and Legislative Branch of the USA.
A Free Country
Like our real-life namesake, individual freedom is our core value, set in stone since our founding. Member nations are welcome to pursue their own play styles, from peaceful growth to imperialist looting, as long they do not jeopardize the security of our alliance or its members.
Federal Aid
The wide and deep portfolio of benefits for being in United States of America doesn't end with protection and community. We offer our members a first-class range of economic programs designed to help them grow their nation as quickly and efficiently as possible, we do all of this while preserving your right to do what you want with your nation's own economic output.
Interstate Information Superhighway
As a member of United States of America, you will be expected to regularly converse with your fellow alliance members, whether for social chit-chat or for serious matters pertaining to our alliance and its member nations. As mentioned above, in order to foster this policy of frequent communication, all members are required to join our Discord server. Prospective members, as well as anyone interested in contacting our leaders, are also invited.
And welcome to the United States of America! .
*This Declaration of Existence was written by Ghawthistan Copy Services.
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1 minute ago, Epi said:

Idk why you had to bring this back from the dead. But I see you poached from Sam's alliance (an old UNA member) and brought in Horning (famous for vetoing a defensive war & claiming it was 'optional' to fight back).


I don't think it's poaching when I had nothing to do with him applying nor did I expect it tbf.

Thanks tho

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Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Former Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs and Emperor of the New Pacific Order, Founder of the Syndicate, Current Chief Global Strategist of the Syndicate.


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On 5/24/2019 at 3:50 AM, Will said:

USA protected by the Commonwealth lol

Its about time those rebellious colonials rejoined her Majesty's Illustrious commonwealth. @Yui 

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I see your alliance wasn't enough of a joke yet so you also got protection from Order of The Fallen Angels.

Why you want protection from an alliance that can't pass an average of 7 cities and would die the second arrgh decided to mass raid it is beyond me, but I guess that's why I'm not a comedian.

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