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  1. Vincent Meyer

    Criticize the Above Nation

    >7 Cities - 74 aircraft >But has 88k troops >Bought missile launch pad as first project >Yes that infra is bad >Only 103 days old and already at 0% approval >Created a post in alliance affairs for a flag >Considers pepperoni lunch >His/Her shoulders likely do NOT have shoulders
  2. Vincent Meyer


  3. Vincent Meyer

    Enclave Bloc

    K then
  4. Vincent Meyer

    Enclave Bloc

    Can y'all like you know...play nice?
  5. Vincent Meyer

    Enclave Bloc

    Good luck with that.
  6. Vincent Meyer

    Aid Request

    That's the idea, yes.
  7. Vincent Meyer

    House Arryn, DOE

    You're high, your honor.
  8. Vincent Meyer

    House Arryn, DOE

    smh. I'm disappointed in your honor.
  9. Vincent Meyer

    House Arryn, DOE

    Did you give him his award or nah?
  10. Vincent Meyer

    House Arryn, DOE

    Some nice things. I like how lady is higher than the lord, bless up. I also like how you give it a prison vibe by having wardens instead of ministers, show them who's boss. Just one question. How high is honor?

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