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  1. It came from the bank...
  2. don't worry. ur 18k tanks and 280 ships with only 80 planes is looking quite ripe for the taking. Its coming. Just keep taking care of those free stats for me
  3. i logged in just to downvote this edit: inb4 gets downvoted by a salty godfather
  4. it seems to be like that for a lot of proposed changes 😕
  5. Yea if anyone's gonna try to bring in the "baseball has a meaningful community" side then you shouldn't be pushing against this you should be pushing to try to make baseball in itself more personal and individualized making it less of a spam thing and more of a personal thing would increase the community and probably the amount of people who would play it
  6. How do I vote for all of them shoot i was late dang
  7. Hughes


    im really confused because this doesnt have a tag is this a [DoW] or a [DoE]?
  8. well well well Is it even a surprise that a BK downvotes this Carthago man smart
  9. huh that was quick best of luck
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