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  1. Will

    Distress Call Received

    We're saved! Heil V. GPC
  2. Will

    Fark Announcement

    KosmoKenny is a nazi.
  3. Hey Boofy, this is tribemanstalin lmao do you still have me blocked?

  4. Will

    TF Announcements

    Oh darn lots of twists in this tale
  5. Will

    NOVA meme comp

    Shouldnt this be in an off-topic category though? Kinda clogs up the AllianceAffairs sub-topic. @Door of the World
  6. Will

    NOVA meme comp

    subscribe to pewdiepie
  7. Will

    Nova Riata Disband

    Wait, irl threats? Thats fcked up..
  8. Will

    Nova Riata Disband

    Nah, they havent disbanded ingame yet, they are still around.
  9. Will

    Nova Riata Disband

    nr ded now Source: PIT (thx San Fortun-chan)
  10. Ayy lmao is this real? RIP NR if so.
  11. Will

    Micro Affairs

    Declare independence from those big bad Alliance Affair forums >:(. Viva le Micro-lution!
  12. Will

    I hopped off the plane at LAX...

    USA protected by the Commonwealth lol
  13. Will

    Our not so secret war

  14. Will

    Frontier finds a New Artist!


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