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  1. We couldn't NAP forever, you guys snore.
  2. NAPs are terrible and whoever pushed for them should be ashamed of themselves. Congratulations on the peace tho.
  3. No, you monster. That's like putting ketchup on a steak.
  4. You didn't know I am also the sekrit Nexus leader? In all seriousness, good on you guys for serving me a big plate of crow.
  5. Ah yes, the great wise meta. Praise be the meta! The only reason I'm even mentioning this is that we are treating it as if it's unchanging. The reality is there is a huge part of Alliance Leadership that wasn't involved in KF or even NPOLT, so trying to pretend that there is some standard we need to follow is absolutely ridiculous. Especially when it's tied to a history lesson that no one cares about. If you want to argue the CB or Rose actions, than argue it but quit going back to the grandpa Simpson rants about yesteryear.
  6. Can you please do the whole world a favor and list all the do's and don'ts that you keep referring too? This way anyone thats wasn't playing 6 years ago can keep up.
  7. He couldn't call the shots there either
  8. Lmao Good job Epi, you were leader for like 2 days and managed to kick the ball over the fence
  9. Whoa whoa whoa... did you just steal my "Grow Internally" line? Trust me when I say that didn't work out well for me.
  10. What Wana posted really looks like it. Don't worry Leo we all know how brave you guys are. I find it absolutely fascinating that t$ of all alliances complains about people talking shit when all they have done in public is smack talk anyone who doesn't hold their hands. Truly amazing.
  11. Is it fair to say your evil tech doomed us all?
  12. Yes! Come on, this is on par with my announcements. Look at my HM DoW during 10 Day for further proof.
  13. You know, comments like that is beneath you.
  14. This should be fun. Thank you for all your work within CotL over the last year.
  15. Being upset that it's a white peace isn't the same as having "bad blood". Most people I've heard whining about it wasn't even involved in the war or simply doesn't understand our philosophy on war which is short fun dust ups. Not these long, boring wars that make me want to go for a pack of smokes and never come back.
  16. You are talking about one tier and a group of nations that can only reach so low but completely neglecting the fact that there were missed opportunities in other tiers that if capitalized on would have completely pinned most of us down. But by all means drink the kool-aid and make excuses.
  17. Ugh... that's not right at all. The fact that so many people cannot seem to figure it out is something else but the "stats" inflated by Whale damage is only part of what determines who can win or lose a war.
  18. One of the terms must have been SRD has to make the forum post. Only way he would put so much effort.
  19. When have I called Oasis an emerging Hegemony? It is important to note, never. Even when I gave you guys the gears over signing CAM I did not do so. I called you the blob or Swamp 2.0 if memory serves me correct. Here is the thing, my comments about Oasis at that time was based upon the frustration that is Oasis/Swamp doing the same thing over and over again but claiming "Minispheres". -You signed an ODP with Hedge because TCWsphere was giving you a hard time, -signed TCWsphere when Quack was a major threat, -left Swamp when the narrative was shifting to Swamp being too big, -Signs CAM but uses the excuse that "we created Delta". Let's be honest about the dumping of Delta, it was such a disappointing thing that you would ditch some of these alliances after they have followed you for so long. You guys in all your effort to be the beacon of minisphere hope, keep repeating the past. Instead of taking the time to grow internally you look outside. It's unneeded and counter productive to your "goals" so I am sorry that I held you accountable for calling out what I saw was just another backtrack. That is the meaning of my comments that you guys love to meme without actually looking into why I said it. As for looking to fight Oasis. You couldn't be more out of position since minus my comments on Morf Radio we have a long history of respect and cooperation. Oasis has never been on my or Hedges radar for a war so whoever fed that nonsense just manipulated the hell out of you. Now, our war with Delta... OK we memed (like our narrative was mostly that) it hard since they came to us day one after the counter blitz looking for peace. We had no intention of ending it on the first day. Most of us thought it would be a great thing for Delta to show they can't be pushed around while learning some valuable lessons in the process. It also helped stretch our legs in CotL to see where we had issues which turned out we got relaxed on too much. The problem is, you seem to not know much about it at all or it doesn't fit your Hedge Man Bad narrative so you forget things. Much like how I told Carlo on day one that it would likely be two rounds than white peace or how Kev told Dave we were not looking for reps. You can also ask Koala if I apologize if they felt we were being too disrespectful. The only reason the "Peace Talks" went the way it did was because it was already decided, and they managed to handle it extremely poorly ie that BF guy's weird flexing.
  20. It appears we have to up our game.
  21. His post here is enough to warrant them getting someone else. You simply do not try and call out the people in a peace post. Unless you guys want to keep playing stupid games.
  22. Delta... get a new spokesman. He is likely the worse person to have be the voice for you all. Dave, CotL didn't poach the prot. They came to us, like others. Maybe instead of trying to throw shade at Hedge you fix the problems that cause them to leave in the first place.
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