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The Vanguard


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Congrats on coming together.


13 minutes ago, LordStrum said:

I liked the old Vanguard better.

Had more k-pop.

If it's k-pop you want you know where to find it. ;)


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Inb4 Cynic sues for copyright infringement


I hope you all enjoy this new endeavor!

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a.k.a. Chaunce


Chaunce - Today at 9:55 PM
with the watermelons there isn't much space left
I still have a lot of room to improve
Manthrax Has Venomous Bite! - Today at 9:57 PM
Hee hee. Room indeed.
Sabriel - Today at 10:01 PM
I feel like, if the other AAs knew how we act, they'd feel a deep sense of shame in knowing that they consistently get beat by us.
when we talk about how many vegetables we can fit in Chaunce's ass.
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3 hours ago, Felkey said:

FA announcement with no memes, youtube videos, or walls of text? What year do you people think this is?

Nice and simple like in the old days. I'm too lazy for anything else. We'll make a more colorful and more extensive announcement once we take over.

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