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  1. Tamasith

    Tell me what you really think

  2. Tamasith


    The list is rigged!!!
  3. Tamasith

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    It was a project worth trying. Best of luck to TUE, OWR and Polaris!
  4. Tamasith

    Public Denunciation of The Crimson Entente

    Actually it's a 2 man micro that doesn't reach 1k score. The one with the highest score saw better things for his future.
  5. Tamasith

    Announcement From the League

    Best of luck!
  6. Tamasith

    Peace in our time.

  7. Tamasith

    The Art of the Deal

    Now this is some good trader, running a reliable bank and an efficient way to make use of the market. Want a good deal? Ask him. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=45496
  8. Tamasith


    Is this subject and idea still a thing to be possibly implemented in the future?
  9. Tamasith

    Not Nice

    This guy: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=119745
  10. Tamasith

    The Vanguard

    Nice and simple like in the old days. I'm too lazy for anything else. We'll make a more colorful and more extensive announcement once we take over.
  11. Tamasith

    The Vanguard

    From the ashes of the Ayyslamic Crusade, a new power arises. Polaris, Order of the White Rose and The United Empire of Zah'Aharon hereby announce the foundation of a new bloc: The Vanguard The bloc includes Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression treaties between its members. Signed for The United Empire of Zah’Aharon The First Empress: Therana The Second Empress: Alexia Lord of Foreign Affairs: Tamasith Lord of Internal Affairs: Therana Lord of Economics: Curtis III Supreme Commander: Lorhill Signed for Order of The White Rose Prime: Sval Legate of Foreign Affairs: Delacroix Legate of Internal Affairs: Kabu Legate of Economics: Luis Legate of Defence: Krapuul Signed for Polaris Emperor: AlmightyGrub Regent: EaTeMuP Minister of Truth: WSxPhoenix Minister of Peace: Kriegskoenig Minister of Love: Featherine Minister of Plenty: Pentix
  12. Tamasith


    Hello, I would like to report that 6 out of 21 players in the alliance "Nordic Sea Raiders" do not play on an individual network, none of them being verified. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=112027 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=102352 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=99240
  13. Tamasith

    In-Game Stock Market

    Could this perhaps be designed such that one can bet on the development of alliance scores by buying some sort of alliance stocks? The whole thing could be regulated by only taking into account members that have been in an alliance, for example, for at least 10 days. This concept is already applied with regard to taxing new members. It may prevent people from switching alliances in order to gain huge profits.

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