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  1. Let the nukes fly! Oh wait, you don't have any...
  2. First! Matters are created all the time by the mind. It's not a theory, it's a fact that some matters are stupid and some are not. The only collective illusion I know is the one that happened in East Germany and most of Eastern Europe. About the colors I'm not so sure. I see quite many colors every day.
  3. @Alex, given the many previously stated arguments for (and the few against) this extended embargo mechanism: Could you comment on whether such a new feature could be implemented in the game or whether this suggestion is off the table?
  4. Would it be difficult to add this feature to the game? Alliances would not be obliged but would have the opportunity to use it, similar to taxes. Taxes are handled by alliance leaders, too, so they don't have to ask members for donations on a regular base. As was mentioned before already, it's extremely difficult to manage an alliance-wide embargo against another alliance. Leaders can't even check members' active embargoes except for checking the activity list on the nation page.
  5. In addition to increasing the likelihood of conflicts and wars, embargoes set by alliances against alliances make the market more dynamic again. This would also somewhat address the issue of constantly decreasing market prices. If major alliances reduce the amount of available resources to other alliances, supply decreases and therefore prices increase. I don't think that alliance-wide trade policies imposed by alliance leaders reduce individual freedom in the slightest. If someone is unhappy with an embargo set by the alliance leader, he/she/zie/they/etc. can either communicate their disproval or leave the alliance as an act of their individual freedom, i.e. vote with their feet.
  6. Indeed there is no "normal price" since all prices are determined by supply and demand. Currently decreasing prices occur due to the large supply and prices may well increase again with the next war. The only thing that can be considered problematic is that some of the offers for large amounts of resources or money are fake offers. These offers are not backed by money or stockpiles and might influence prices one way or another.
  7. Would be a wonder getting back half of the invested money from a self-proclaimed socialist nation...
  8. I don't get why so many people keep complaining about low market prices. It's all a matter of supply and demand and most of the resource prices resonate with each other. Small nations benefit from the currently large supply and the small demand. Large nations that specialize in manufactured resources can buy the required raws cheaply. To which point might market prices eventually fall? The bottom boundary is the marginal cost of production which can probably be calculated within this simple economic system, taking into account interdependencies including pollution. In theory, prices equal to the marginal costs imply the highest overall welfare. So instead of propagating some false ideal price or asking for additional mechanisms to prevent prices from decreasing, let the market to the work and let it provide the highest overall surplus.
  9. Tamasith


    The list is rigged!!!
  10. It was a project worth trying. Best of luck to TUE, OWR and Polaris!
  11. Actually it's a 2 man micro that doesn't reach 1k score. The one with the highest score saw better things for his future.
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