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  1. Good luck and let’s have some fun
  2. Are you says saying you’re going to attack TEst?
  3. This passes any shitty update you’ve ever made. Do you think with your ass when you make these updates? If you don’t have the patience or respect for the player base when deciding to mock us with your updates then at least take a deep breath and a step back when you see literally everyone saying this is a bad idea. Instead of ignoring us or threatening people with strikes like I have seen in dm s, man up and participate in the discussion. When did this game become a dictatorship?
  4. in terms of skill and size 1) Rose 2) TKR 3) TCW 4) tS 5) CoTL 6) TEst 7) KT 8) The Wei 9) GoB 10) Guardian
  5. Definitely not saying you’re BK, was just curious what you’re referring to as camelot’s character, because they don’t have that good of a rep. If they’re looking to improve and change themselves, then perhaps they should come forward and show some remorse for their wrongdoings.
  6. How exactly can someone vouch for someone’s character when they have nothing to lose towards rose? Also, is Camelot not understanding game ‘better and the political realities’ the reason why they’re not defending themselves?
  7. Some of you have already nailed it about owning up, which would be the best solution to some of the alliances that fought on IQ’s side. Especially since some (Camelot) continued to defend the IQ narrative after the war was over.
  8. https://tenor.com/view/empyria-tall-sorry-gif-15251552
  9. It was stated several times in this thread that lory leaked. I don’t see where it’s said Lordy didn’t leak. Just read the original leak, and look at what the news server leak says about who gave them the info.
  10. Golden coming from you. This whole thing started off because you decided to steal a deposit😛. And then decided to lie to get away with it, which further adds to the point I made earlier, where sphinx isn’t the one being like IQ. Mfw the likes of akuryo bankrupt an alliance, then steal to get a bit of cash, then fail to cover that up too.
  11. I don’t think you realize all the whole chat was saved, so you trying to spin this to your suitability won’t work😛 I mean it’s clearly stated (by you as well) that someone else leaked, and not Odin. So your narrative of ‘Odin leaked so that’s why we’re confiscating his deposits’ won’t work. You’re the one who basically said ‘the matter is closed, don’t talk to us about it.’ You then immediately started acting as if you were trying to solve the issue, but Sphinx/Odin wouldn’t listen or be reasonable.
  12. Well I doubt they’re using money for growth plans aimed at only their gov. And I don’t really see the problem of taxing idiots and inactives, lol. It’s what alliances including KT have always done, and it has great returns. TEst still has many experienced players, and new guys are being trained as we speak. They’ll continue growing and become even a better alliance than they currently are. So, I’m not sure what you’re mad at exactly, as I was only pointing out akuryo was wrong with his post.
  13. TEst is bigger than 4/5 of the alliances in your bloc😛. You were also allied to them until recently.
  14. Congrats to our former protectorate. Keep going with your growth, error.
  15. Congrats on the treaty. It's like Hydra, whenever pantheon seems to have its head chopped off for good, 2 more pop up.
  16. Playing with my big TEsticles, lmfao
  17. We’ve been drinking all the tequila left over from before the war. That’s how bad it is.
  18. No, no, no. You again with your heresy? The Wei is clearly the only true Way .
  19. I heard she used to be really hot before she left riding a hippo. Even hotter than the soup.
  20. I am very confident in the current sphere they are in! They are fools to tie NP! Lmfao
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