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Viridia takes a NAP


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This is a definitely a step in the right direction and is a big leap towards resolving the feud in a peaceful manner- which is the most preferable thing for all members of Viridia.


o/ NAPs

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I dunno about Olorin but I had to suck Sketchy's dick for 4 hours straight before he let me come out on the forums



I feel like this won't last too long.

But apparently Sketchy does ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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A step Back from war and a step forward into peace 



o/ Viridia

Goomy: *Hot Goomy is 5 miles away from you and looking to have some fun*

Guilo: O.O Click bait is sooooooo tempting

Aoi Toori: Well its Goomy, who wouldn't?


If Dillon A McCann is Ted Cruz then doesn't that make him the zodiac killer? Rip zodiac #EndofZodiac

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First a nap, then the VE's decide to directly fight it out. What happens after though is a ceasefire and then perpetual war for the rest of time north VE and south VE

Just wait until East VE and West VE come into play. :v
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