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  1. Literally anything but Error 522, because Error 522 can describe literally any war in the past 3 or 4 years. Go for something unique, that actually describes the war itself, not a quality that can be attributed to any war.
  2. A pleasure to be serving under you. I couldn't think of anyone better suited for the job. Hail Rose 🌹
  3. Government Oversight Agency- I feel that this is a good project concept, I feel that it gives more weight to Domestic Policy, forcing economics departments to consider policies a bit more closely. However, at the same time, I have a distaste for projects in this game that tend to benefit larger nations more than smaller ones; like most of the projects in the game, this is another one of those. It is in fact the case that nations with more infra, more land, and higher city counts will see larger total discounts than smaller nations, because of the nature of percentages. I would suggest that for this project, we look at a way to sort of cap out or limit the benefits once your nation is at some certain size, or that this project have some sort of curve where it is more beneficial for smaller nations to grab. This game is very skewed in favor of larger nations at times, and I'd really like to see some projects that help address that. I think this is a project, with my suggestion, that could potentially do that. Resource Production Center- Again, I feel that this is a good project, but something must be considered before implementing it. Based on everything you have written about this project, it seems as though it is meant to bolster the economy of smaller nations. However, after doing some calculations myself, it is almost certain that it would be worthwhile for any nation that could spare the slot to buy this project, and I think that would be the potential downfall of this project. It is intended to bolster the economies of smaller nations, however it is the case that if everyone buys this project, suddenly, there could become *too many* raws in circulation, and the price of raws could diminish to a point where smaller nations actually see their income hurt because of large scale economics. Perhaps this project should only work for smaller nations, and become ineffective once a nation reaches 20 cities? (In my opinion, you should also get the project slot back once hitting 20 cities if this was to occur) This concern of mine could be overblown, however I think it is something worth considering, and I don't think it would really hurt the game if large nations didn't have access to this project. As a side note, I'd also like to see you somehow address the concern of too few project slots for smaller nations. Personally, I could see both of these projects being bought at 16 cities or before, and as it stands now, I can count 8 projects that a City 16 should at least consider grabbing at or before that city count, these additional two would make it 10. With reasonable, and what some might consider high, levels of infra (2,000 per city at 16 cities), a nation would have at most 8 project slots at 16 cities assuming that they got the project slot for fighting wars. I think something you should consider to remedy this is having the first 10,000 levels of infrastructure count for 4 slots, instead of only 2. Essentially, you would get a project slot for every 2,500 infra for the first 10,000 infra your nation has, and after the first 10,000, you would go back to the normal 5,000 per slot.
  4. I do not agree with this system, it is quite simply, a trap for new players. New players will be lured into this idea of getting a "treasure" because they're so mysterious and full of wonder, however the newer player would almost certainly be better off redeeming their credits for cash, selling the on the market, or a multitude of other things that would allow them to more quickly build their nation, as opposed to a ticket, that maybe someday will possibly pay out. You say that there are also measures in place to prevent rich alliances from accumulating too many treasures, however I feel that this system favors larger, more established alliances even more than the current system. Established alliances are more likely to see large collections of dedicated members, and large collections of dedicated members are more likely to be willing to spend cash than an upstart alliance with brand new members. This system would mean that larger, more established alliances could in theory "pay to win" a treasure, literally by virtue of having more members in terms of numbers, as well as generally more devoted members. You could say that is already the case under the current system, however under the current system, it is only the number of members of an alliance that matters, not the monetary contributions to the game of that alliance, in terms of their ability to grab a treasure. It is likely that this system would lead to more treasure, in more established alliances, and I'm not a fan of buffing established alliances in this way.
  5. Have not considered the full ramifications of your suggestions, but it would certainly be nice if Wind Power Plants had more of a use than their current niche. Will certainly look deeper into this suggestion myself.
  6. Congratulations on 4 years of existence, it's truly something to be proud of. 😄 Many alliances come and go in this game, but I always enjoy seeing alliances last the tests of time. To 4 more years!
  7. 🌹 A pleasure to once again be fighting for Rose. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  8. Congratulations to both parties 😁
  9. PnW Players, I don't talk on the forums much anymore, and as of late I've been trying to cut back on my discord chatting too, however I decided to make this forum post to call attention to something that has affected me and the people around me. A little over a week ago on August 27th, Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane on the Southwest Louisiana coast. At first the storm was forecasted to only be around Category 2 strength, however the storm ended up being worse than just about any other storm to ever hit Louisiana, and as of the time of writing this, there are still over 250,000 people in Southwest Louisiana without Electricity and a good chunk of those don't have running water either. In the worst hit areas surrounding Lake Charles, Louisiana, many people lost everything, I know many friends who live in the area that lost their entire house and have no place to go, some are even staying in tents in the places where their houses used to be. Recovery efforts are underway, however local officials have said that people in the Lake Charles area could be without power and water for weeks. I got power back this past Wednesday, fortunately for me, the area where I live was spared the worst of it, however we are still a ways away from any sort of "normal". I personally am in a good position, my house came out fine from the storm, and my family also managed to make it out. However, this past week, the more I watched the news, the more I realized that our plight had almost been lost in the void. After the first couple of days or so, people just stopped talking about us. Things are not okay here, and they won't be okay here for awhile, and I wanted to raise awareness of that. I specifically wanted to ask those of you that can, to please donate to the recovery efforts in place. Below is a link to donate to the Red Cross, they personally helped me quite a bit through the week where I didn't have power, providing warm meals among many other things to people who needed it and I've heard that they're doing great things over in the Lake Charles area. To be clear, I'm not asking for any money myself, I don't need it, but I want to see those who were affected severely receive the care that they need. I've been frustrated these past few days because it feels as though my little corner of the world has been forgotten in our time of most need. I also felt the desire to help those in need, however didn't quite know what to do about it and I hope that by making this post that I can help make somewhat of a difference, I feel that even just making others aware of what is going on here is a step in the right direction. Thanks for at least reading this message, and once again, I urge you to donate money if you are financially secure enough to make such a donation. https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation.html/
  10. Callisto


    There used to be a soccer based sports league run on the forums. Alex added Baseball to the game while it was still around, and I imagine he didn't choose soccer because of the soccer league on the forums.
  11. Alliance Name: The Crimson Order Alliance Color: Aqua Hmmmmmmmm
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