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  1. MoonPie

    VE has been restored

    After a long struggle within the viridian community, we have finally been able to restore our government and start to bring proper order to our great alliance. This is a statement to those who believe they can break our laws and take advantage of their position within our alliance. I thank those who stood by us in our time of need, much love and appreciation.
  2. MoonPie

    Viridia takes a NAP

    In a world filled with chaos and confusion, a light shines down signaling hope to the masses all across orbis. tVE and VE hereby enter into a Non-Aggression Pact as a sign of good faith towards each other in hopes of repairing what has been broken. Signed for VE: Board of Directors Head of State: Olorin (Yoda) Director of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs: Celzar Director of Economics: Vectivus Director of Defence: CJonathan Signed for tVE: Lord: MoonPie Secretary of Defense: Seeker Secretary of Economics: Codonian Secretary of the Interior: Grosskev Secretary of State: MoonPie
  3. MoonPie

    2 VEs 1 cup

    Appreciate the support you show both of us and the assistance provided. Violence will never be on the table here at tVE as VE harbors the rest of our brothers and sisters and I wish them well.
  4. MoonPie

    The Viridian Entente's New Start

    We are a haven where our members can come back home and not continue to be under a leader who throws out our laws when he sees fit to match his agenda. I came out of retirement to see this through because Viridia has been my home in many places for years and it pains me to have to resort to such measures. Talks with Olorin failed and I made a non-violent decision about what to do as war would have accomplished nothing more than shattering everything.
  5. After a somewhat successful coup orchestrated by Olorin/Yoda, a group of viridians disgusted with the methods used to grab control of our home decided to venture off and start over. Rebuilding our home will not be easy, we have a very long road ahead of us. The first step is creating order among the chaos. I am proud to announce the first government of The Viridian Entente: Lord: MoonPie Secretary of Defense: Seeker Secretary of Economics: Codonian Secretary of the Interior: Grosskev Secretary of State: MoonPie Just for clarification, foreign affairs will run through me until such a time a proper official can be trained. Next I present the charter, the laws that govern our great alliance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lpCYlPQYc0s7SwToGNHCh_92Irl0so3VuEckWdA2h_Y/edit?usp=drivesdk
  6. MoonPie

    Ours Is The Drill That Will Pierce The Heavens!

    Tying the knot finally, woooo
  7. MoonPie

    The Fidelity of Brothers Pact

    Blowing the cover on our master plan....
  8. MoonPie

    Hoist Your Swords High Into The Clouds!

    God speed HBE. May your swords strike swiftly into the hearts of many
  9. MoonPie

    Za Warudo Christmas in Seven Kingdoms

    Cheers for yet another exciting xmas
  10. MoonPie

    A Viridian Announcement!

    Woooooo !@#$ ya!
  11. MoonPie

    We Needed a Topic for the Radio Show

    Looks good, congrats o/
  12. MoonPie

    Magic is real. Hogwarts Exists.

    Congratulations on officially existing o/

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