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  1. Sudden urge to join hogwarts... gah Thalmor why must you command my loyalty so!!!
  2. Wish i couldve watched it, mcgregor put up a decent fight i heard
  3. Please dont nuke me, i am so fragile and easy to destroy
  4. Will you guys stop drugging me and making horrible gifs with me dressed like a girl?!?
  5. Thats a very uninspired excuse of trash. TEst still exists and will continue to exist. Whenever father KHORNE calls his children home we shall gather like killer whales at a mating frenzy.
  6. I dont care if any of you care, i dont give a flying fart if any of you even know who the hell i am. But im old. And a little pissed off about sarachens on my lawn. Grr 1000 days old and this is the respect i get.
  7. Okay now that i actually read it, i realize that if Zeon knew me, this would never have happened lmao
  8. A bunch of old friends, i look forward to your rise to destroying Orbis
  9. See? Driving people from the game with those stupid war changes
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