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  1. Well good luck. looks like another micro war that no one cares about
  2. I still have the screenshot of before the ingame changelog contained the link. EDIT: Yes, the "Where?" is in comic sans(it's my favorite font btw)
  3. Why on a piece of paper? Have you people heard of google sheets?
  4. I agree with you guys. Mainly because I just wanted to roll them :'( But there's one thing they didn't get right that you did: don't declare on an alliance for no reason Nord was mad at Catsby for no reason and declared war.
  5. That's what I've been trying to explain to everyone but no one listens.
  6. I's like to donate 1mil to this cause. I'll do it once I'm out of VM.
  7. Yes I even remember getting Magnus to add piranhas and fish to number 6...
  8. oh true. I'm doubling my bounty. $10 million to whoever founds Concord before them.
  9. +7 points for good comic -5 for ripping of Ripper -5 more points for me not understanding which countryball is who +1 because I'm a nice guy Overall, it is a -2/10
  10. Yup. I agree here. Mostly because it is just one member that I'd like nothing to do with
  11. I remember I first thought it was the world's worst idea. And now, I'm a duke and founding member of AE. Morale of the story: do not underestimate ANYTHING
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