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  1. What you talking about? Vortex Union was the most legendary alliance yet!! hahahahaha
  2. For those complaining about the VE flag being red. The flag is red to mock Rose. During the VE coup Sketchy essentially was leading VE because Olorin is incompetent and can't think for himself.
  3. Wouldn't make sense to call it the Silent War II because alliances are actually stating their declarations. Call it the "The Pixel Genocide"
  4. I didn't sign this? Lmao
  5. oh from the wars i saw it was one, maybe i didn't dig deep enough
  6. You declared war over ONE raider lmao anyways............ Good Luck to both sides!!!
  7. Literally just died of laughter!
  8. haha he meant more i think
  9. yeah the bloc, but this just alliance
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