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    Hi, TheSpeaker. How's it going, sweetheart? Long time no see. We weren't really going to do a war declaration because... well, *looks at your alliance* you get it. But I figured I'd do the gentlemanly thing and reconnect with you and so I asked if I could do the honors. I was told I could. I'll be honest, I have no idea why we're attacking The Isle and, frankly, I don't care. I never was a fan of politics. It was always a distraction and I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about any of it now. But I've got my marching orders, quotas need to be met, and things need to be done in the most efficient manner. If I can break up yet another ill-conceived alliance of yours, well... that'll be just another notch in my belt. Your loyal friend and Confidante, Ashland
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    If the answer to that is anything but "hug pixels and only pick easy fights" then you're the one that should consider the question tbh.
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    Can you actually deny it, or are you just going to fall back on that old trope? Go to war more often, get hit, play the game! Don't look for ways to avoid interesting gameplay, and certainly don't tell people that they should try to take steps in order to appease their rivals; at least not if you don't want to be called out on your pixelhugging. I just call 'em like I see 'em.
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    Yall r breaking my heart cri Q_Q Don't fight a civil war while I am in VM I need to choose who to backstab and all that fun stuff 😠 GL HF Seeker gets a nuke on Christmas P.S. Max u should stop being mad, stfu, and have fun
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    Yeah it's the damnedest thing, normally people lose respect but I guess since you guys didn't have any they just went for the next best thing. But hey at least you can buy THAT back.
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    This is a fantastically, outstandingly, marvelously well written post. It has been quite a while since I've seen someone whine with that kind of finesse and then walk it off like they don't care. I'd tip my hat to you but you're so cool for school I doubt you'd acknowledge it. Let me just go peace out my war and blow my own pixels up.
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    GoG talks an awful lot of shit for being the invalid red headed step child of IQ.
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    If it's such a good CB you should share it instead of relying on the person you are attacking to do your FA for you. The "Ask Alexio" memes are kinda funny but it appears you are using them to avoid saying what they allegedly leaked. Also it's funny how Kastor points out how he believes IQ is taking advantage of the current political climate to roll people you don't like and you respond to this by bringing up a different war than the one this thread is about.
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    Then one of us is misinformed probably. Maybe it's me! But your public stance on this one has been "our CB is great, honest! " Without showing anything aside from a meme, and my standards for hitting a far smaller alliance while claiming it's valid are a bit higher than that.
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    Why would I need a history book when that one post alone was enough to tell that you are unnecessarily salty and a sore loser?
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    I know what you're all wondering and yes, the carpets match the drapes.
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    Why do you GoG guys keep trying to mine salt out of Max, he's not hiding any on his Island and the only thing you accomplish here is make fools out of yourselves, watching all of you scramble to puff your chest and gang bang this 11 member alliance is really frickin sad.
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    Pixel Republic deleted his nation after being airstriked one time. I actually really regret that our actions drove him to leave the game just now... because had I known before I wouldn't have wasted 3 spy ops on him. Chalk a victory up for The Isle.
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    Being mad? He's just making sure nothing gets past him.
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    How is any of our foreign affairs ill conceived? Our foreign affairs was essentially set into motions long before you ever joined the alliance. Fam, it doesn't matter who hit you or who didn't hit you. We get this cake regardless. You make your bed then you lay in it. How many alliances have you run into the ground so far? 3? 4? 5? You're literally the original Sean Anthony. It's pretty rich to hear someone who has fought one war criticize someone who has fought several?
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    LOL okay, Gilligan. I hope The Isle is ready for the storm that's abrewin'! Sometimes when I get hit I like to stop and think "What did I do that I should not do again?" Maybe consider that?
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    The story i got from it is that basically IQ wanted to, or at least pretended to want to hit you guys on the 16th, and basically used this information as a loyalty/trust fall test on Vanguard, uses their loyal puppy dog Fake Polaris to facilitate, which BC failed. So all that crap about Vanguard being independent goes right out the damned window. You guys wanna be an independent bloc, don't answer to anybody or be pushed like that. Would it get you rolled? Maybe but then people would respect you more for actually standing up for yourselves.
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    I mean it's just funny to see IQ doing the same CB bullshit TKR did on you guys but to other people. Like BC's leaks were about IQ's plan to roll KT and TGH. Yanno for some reason folks seem to really like rolling you Buorhann. I think it's because you dress too provocatively. My question is if GoG really has anything you'd call leadership.
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    Well I wasn't informed of the backstory, and even now, I have a 'he said, she said' argument in front of me, and so the only other information I've stumbled upon is a huge alliance crushing a small alliance and then trying to puff their chest and mine salt on the forums. From my perspective, it seems pretty weak on your part, that's just how it is, but if I had evidence of this micro doing you wrong, sure they'd be fair game then, wouldn't they? But the reality is, you guys did not provide any proof, in fact there was no backstory provided either, except somewhere down in the comments and that's all I have to go off of. And if this is not foreign affairs and is just 'memes' then I've not a clue why it was posted in "'alliance affairs." Also, it honestly does not look like memes, it looks to me more like there's some hurt feelings and some people are taking advantage of the moment to try and make someone else butthurt. It's especially apparent when GoG keeps throwing insults at Max and he just doesn't genuinely care because... like you said, it's only a game. I'll repeat, enjoy your *war*.
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    >the thread makes no sense because the OP is unknown >have to reread it to realize he's asking for TKR sphere to just peace out because he's bored of this war No thanks. Anywho, I need to boost my stats and hit 1 billion net damage caused. For glory, for Shifty's ego, onwards to beige.
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    It's true, they were burned by volcanoes. Damn, my grandfather was stylish 7 years before anybody realized! Yeah but you're basically Satan, on account of the NPO membership, so of course you like red heads. They're you're evil devil minions!
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    What I'm wondering is how many times this guy shat in you guys cups of coffee. War is great and all but this thread is barely in page 2 and it's got as much cancer as 69 day wars OOC shitfest.
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    Max, you have a virgin among you. #virginsdefendvirgins Yikes
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    What I'm getting from this: you can't come up with any real insults so you have to make wild insinuations and idiotic metaphors to sound cool instead
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    That's when TKR declares on BC, just to make the war that much more of a headache for Frawley interesting
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    I love that Ashland & Seeker continue to be personal - y'all must have been hurt in the past. I also love the DoW - extremely "ill conceived" like most of your previous foreign affairs/political work Ashland (and seeker). Regardless of your decision to hit us on the Island was planned out, processed, or even discussed with your allies...really doesn't matter. What does stand to be true is the fact that you hit us - after Arrgh and Oblivion did a bang up job on our nations. So, get that bread, eat that cake - you will still be the stepsister IQ alliance that runs in after damage has been dealt to claim your scooby snack. Us here on the Island have plenty of margaritas and chicken strips to last us through the war and we are having an awesome time - too many pros to get salty about the cons. It is great to have players who never experienced war actually experience and go through it with them. That being said...
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    Allied States Central News Organization A terrorist was captured yesterday 25 miles away from the small town of Lola, Kansas and officials have already started interrogations of the terrorists. The Terrorists name is Kyle Handerson, a New Yorker, age 25, brown hair, blue eyes. When captured, he was reported to be screaming "For the empire!" however the authorities do not understand the message, and only a couple of potential group fit the description of an empire, however they refuse to take this as a sign of anything and could be a distraction to from the true culprits. Kyle Handerson is a registered Britannian citizen, previous United States citizen born and raised in the city of New York. He was an unpopular blogist who supported extreme right wing views that the majority of the Right condemned. His views were so extreme that no television network would give him a show or be allowed to be interviewed on a current television show. He was taken down by Social media companies due to his radical beliefs, and relied on his website he had to pay for to spread his message, relying on his minimum wage from his retail job and donations from others. Shortly afterwards he was arrested and sentenced for 20 years for murdering a member belonging to a minority group and was released 10 years after he was sentenced on parole. During the time the Holy Britannian Empire was taking over the East Coast, he supported the Britannian's arrival, calling for the death of America. Once again, he is under American custody and will be tried and sentenced for crimes against the Allied States citizens.
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    If you got an airport beer I hope you weren't paying. Otherwise God help you.
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    You guys are the bestest. How do you do the voodoo that you do? It's good to be back in my warm wet blanket of drunkenness while i wait for the world to end.
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    This is correct, each attack is allocated to the alliances of the nations at the time of the war declaration.
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    We are working on displaying multiple conflicts presently. The BC addition the current war was purely so people could see their data while we implement it. If the people fighting where not so similar I wouldn't have added them even as a temporary measure.
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    Come on, he's obviously just having a joke 😛 ...Either way, their alliance would definitely be separate from any other alliances currently engaged in any war. @Frawley would have to change up the entire way that the was presenting the data for their damage to be counted as part of your damage, even if he added them to your coalition (which I really doubt he will). After all, this war started at a different time. Even if he does add BC to your "side", their contribution/liability in the war would be logged under their alliance and thus could be easily subtracted from the totals.
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    You would figure The False Vanguard would solve their own problems. Who am I kidding, they are IQ anyways.
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    The Golden Horde (TGH) and Knights Templar (KT) have agreed to end hostilities with The Revolutionary Front (TRF) under the condition TRF moves off the color sphere black. TRF has agreed to do so and will move to another color sphere once our collective beige expires. Here’s to turning the page. o7 Tagged for The Revolutionary Front Jane, co-Visionary Réjs, co-Visionary Signed for The Golden Horde Buorhann “Ockey loves dicks”, Orbis’ Great Hippo Khan Sketchy “Ockey is a dick”, The Beklare-Bek Shiho “Ockey wants dick”, Khan of War Hodor “Ockey draws dicks on the map”, Khan of Diplomacy Partisan “Ockey snek dick”, Khan of Discipline Signed for Knights Templar Grand Master: Keegoz 👑 --------------------------------- Grand Seneschal: Thalmor ☭ Grand Chancellor: Vince McMahon ★ Grand Almoner: Theodosius 💰 Grand Marshal: Horsecock 🐴
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    Pixel-hugging micro with no warchest resources detected. Total weaksauce
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    Your eyes are fine. Otherwise, you'd be seeing a doctor and not posting this pic Or at least not damaged enough
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    I like reading a dictionary. Tf you mean. Y'all weird
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    What it says on the title. The surrendered nation would give away loot and lose infrastructure as usual. The winning nation would have no choice but to accept the surrender. The surrendered nation should probably be sent away to the beige bloc. As it is right now, not only you have to give away loot and lose infrastructure in the end; you also have to watch the enemy plundering small amounts of money and destroying your infrastructure for the lulz.
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    I'm not going to do anything flashy here. My reputation is well known, both bad and good, depending who you're asking. We're looking for players who are looking to learn the game. A few questions. Is your alliance teaching you how to properly build cities and maximize profits accordingly? Is your alliance taking the time to explain how war mechanics work? Why one attack is better than the other? Does your alliance roll over when threatened? Do you feel your alliance has a goal that it can achieve? What I can tell you, is that in the Horde we have a very active leadership core. We have individuals who are often tracking numbers and making sure on sharing information that could both benefit the alliance and your nation. We have individuals who are often knee deep in the politics of the game, making sure that the alliance comes first. We also have members who are willing to throw down and burn pixels, both their own and our targets. And we have great allies who are willing to step up when the need arises. We're also not tied to the clusterfrick of a treaty web, so you know exactly what to expect if one of us are hit or when we make a hit. If you're looking for something new, or to learn something from the game that your alliance isn't providing, contact us. We're recruiting. What we're not looking for are people who are afraid of taking damage or people who are scared of taxes. There is no real "set" tax in our alliance as we adjust them (Both low and high) to cover the needs of the alliance, which covers growth, rebuild, and resource aid to our members. Our alliance stance is to constantly adapt to what's going on in the game. If you want to be a part of this, come join me. Follow the Hippo. Feel free to message any of my officers on our alliance page here: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4567
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