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  1. I'll just take a list of your bankers for me to make direct withdrawals from every 6 hours. Do I reach you at the same place for pointless screenshot proof where that doesn't show him saying he owes you money or do I just leave it at the number above?
  2. Being mad? He's just making sure nothing gets past him.
  3. Yeah it's the damnedest thing, normally people lose respect but I guess since you guys didn't have any they just went for the next best thing. But hey at least you can buy THAT back.
  4. Oh mer gerd I got an honorable mention. Jokes aside and serious notes being played on my saxophone what's wrong with kicking a 5 year old? I mean if they have it coming they have it coming, age is only a number just like the number of infra a certain alliance has that sharply dropped despite already being beat.
  5. This is a fantastically, outstandingly, marvelously well written post. It has been quite a while since I've seen someone whine with that kind of finesse and then walk it off like they don't care. I'd tip my hat to you but you're so cool for school I doubt you'd acknowledge it. Let me just go peace out my war and blow my own pixels up.
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