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  1. So anyone who says anything other than "Yep. Guilty. I'm a coward. " gets to stay is what you're saying
  2. I posted GoG's declaration of war on The Isle and I'm just a member. Somehow people were able to wrap their heads around that. As someone else who is totally just a member of their alliance who just so happens to be outspoken on the ofw and occasionally entrusted with posting declarations of war, I support and endorse Pre's statement that he is merely a member. HELLO FELLOW LOW RANKING MEMBER OF RESPECTIVE ALLIANCE. Are you enjoying being totally just a member and nothing else this fine day?
  3. Is it weird that this gives me more respect for Typhon? Rolling your @$$ is precisely what I would do. With extreme prejudice.
  4. Can we have a moment of silence for the nations in TFP who optimistically built up to 2500 infra?
  5. I just want to point out that one of the members of TFP literally deleted before we could get round 3 of spy ops in. Quite frankly, his agility is impressive. He could have made a great counter-hitter with that speed. You know, if he wasn't such a f***ing p**sy.
  6. I just want to throw this out there: You successfully detonated an explosive in the nuclear research facility in Geoglia. Your spies destroyed 1 nuclear weapon. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $35,000.00 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed. Save this information somewhere safe; after you leave this page you will not be able to see this intelligence report again without executing another operation. You successfully detonated an explosive in the nuclear research facility in Geoglia. Your spies destroyed 1 nuclear weapon. Your agents we
  7. So what you're saying is you claim full responsibility for all the events surrounding cynic?
  8. They have discovered us. Black Republicans, DISPERSE!
  9. @Mad Max I can't believe you took a section that had "Absence of Evidence isn't Evidence of Absence" 100% seriously. That was pretty funny.
  10. "Uhhh well I got this elven wine back home. And I got a uhhh steadily expanding collection of... uhm... hmm... butter knives, baby."
  11. At only 19 dollars on Etsy it was a steal! Quite frankly we couldn't afford not to buy it.
  12. The treaty didn't specify they had to use a flag we made, tbf. It just said it had to say Ask Alexio on it.
  13. What is "Great Job!"? I've not heard of this before...
  14. (DemonSpawn drinks yuengling btw. Go ahead and judge)
  15. I'm home. I'm alive. Ily demonstpawn. Pretty drunk still. I kept drinking afetwer we left the bar. That cigar wasg mm mmm mm GOOD! o/ BoC
  16. Let's break this down: 1: I don't think it's different at all. Maybe losing is harder. But you can still at very least log in for three minutes and do something. Anything. With that bare minimum I will be satisfied. 2: Stop saying vectored. Jesus. F***ing tacticool speak is so dumb. 3: I'm all for redistributing resources from inactive players to active players. But if you go into VM for war you do more harm than good and shouldn't be in the alliance for any reason. Because other players will see they can get away with it too.
  17. I 100% agree and if it becomes clear that anyone in GoG went into VM soon before or soon after the war began for *any* reason I would advocate as strongly as I could for their being kicked and rolled. I'm not in gov, but as a member who did his part and fought in the war that's what I'd believe. And I think it's a slap in the face to members who did their part to do otherwise. If you don't have time to log in 3 minutes a day for months you shouldn't f***ing be playing, should you? So do the honorable thing. Delete and save us the gas and munitions.
  18. I acknowledge there's a difference. I acknowledge that a very very small number of innocent people will be caught in the sausage grinder. I acknowledge that that is unfortunate. But I still believe it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the alliance going forward and to minimize as much as possible people doing that.
  19. Yeah, I don't know what the arguing is about. Anyone who dodged should be kicked from the alliance and rolled. If my enemies were willing to do it for me, all the better. The worst thing TKR and TCW could do is say "This behavior is not only acceptable, but we will defend you in peace negotiations too." That is just dumb. And while I've been told nobody in GoG dodged (one person was quit the alliance a week before I was even aware of a war, another person went into VM weeks into the war, and a third person deleted a month into the war) I'd still want them kick-rolled even though we won. Q
  20. I'm late to this, but I figured I'd add that if someone did go into VM in GoG upon war start I would aggressively advocate them being kick-rolled regardless of whether or not they had a good excuse. I don't call the shots, but I think there's a convincing case to be made that they should be kick-rolled even if they DID have a good reason and even if they could prove it. The very appearance of impropriety constitutes impropriety. The appearance of weakness constitutes weakness.
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