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  1. Everyone fricking offering to house our members honestly fricking go look at a mirror and realize you are apart of the problem. Greedy Bastards. (thanks alex for censoring FRICKING)
  2. Ya'll are some great guys sad this happened
  3. So you are saying this was a gut feeling, shouldn't you be held to that 'gut feeling' and be accountable for this 'gut feeling' since as an admin you should be held up to that word as the admin?
  4. Alex: Deletes shit from NPO Also Alex: Lemme tell you how much they have left and where to find it.
  5. How does it feel to have alex bail you out of a war you guys got your ass kicked in?
  6. Congrats alex you literally just used your place as a game admin to win a war for a bunch of idiots
  7. Wait daveth is on our side for once? Holy crap max, you were dumb and useless so much that even daveth would choose us over you, man that’s gold.
  8. Actually max I’m 14, so yeah not all of us are 21, which means again you know absolutely nothing.
  9. I think it needs to be called”The No Slots War”
  10. That’s bullshit and you know I have people who were there during the conversation saying you did.
  11. He told me he was in tkr chat so that’s what I was going off of. If I’m wrong I can change it but just going off what I know.
  12. Winning to most is fun and you can not deny that. The fact is it is not our fault that we felt it was time for tkr to be knocked down a knotch. With the way the game was structured if you lose it loses the fun as you have to rebuild your nation and/or alliance back up. No it is not fun for the person being curbstomped but the game was structured that way, maybe if they made more allies they wouldn’t be curb stomped or was better prepared for this to make it more ‘fun’. You also have to keep in kind ‘fun’ is subjected what you feel is fun and what I think is fun is different, yes you are right I should have put fun and not win but again ‘fun’ is a word based on the opinion of that person. For the game to be fun there needs to be more strategy or more skill involved not simply the reasons you stated as those can just lead back to this place. Since you edited your post when I was writing mine time to edit mine, okay this game isn’t for everyone dude, not everything in the game is ‘fun’, only certain people play the game for long period of time as it could be ‘fun’ for them. Also yes I was not around back then but I’m not talking about the old times I’m talking about the present and present state of the game.
  13. I think this is a horrible idea, I’m sorry you people are salty little boys that can’t handle a defeat but it will be unfair if Alex does a change just to make it so people can try even less and then magically come back out. We are winning because we are organized and we were prepared while you are not. So how about you stop white knighting for tkr and face the fact that they are losing. Yes it’s hard to come back out when you are losin because well frankly you are losing for a reason and that same reason can make it so you can’t climb back out, your idea of a fix is dumb and will just make Wars a spam war of who holds more shit on hand and who can build more and stretch individual wars and not the big war. What next you gonna ask for Anti Air tanks and ships? Honestly it’s just petty that you feel you need to white knight for these salty losers. You are in their discord 24/7 just white knighting them oh wait didn’t you leave npo just to help them, that explains why you white knight. Next is your second idea, that might work but won’t matter in the slightest as spies exist and that feature would just be transferred into spies which has been showed by this war some people don’t even build spies to begin with. Finally, your third idea is also dumb because the map declarations wouldn’t make sense as all since planes exist, boats exist many ways could justify this way of war. If someone wishes to go into VM or go inactive good for them they are just as salty as the ones crying for help when they lose as they can’t handle losing their process well guess what it’s apart of the game deal with it. If Alex did this it would just show bias and blatant ignorance which I hope to Christ he wouldn’t act like as a game dev.
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