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  1. The Golden Horde (TGH) and Knights Templar (KT) have agreed to end hostilities with The Revolutionary Front (TRF) under the condition TRF moves off the color sphere black. TRF has agreed to do so and will move to another color sphere once our collective beige expires. Here’s to turning the page. o7 Tagged for The Revolutionary Front Jane, co-Visionary Réjs, co-Visionary Signed for The Golden Horde Buorhann “Ockey loves dicks”, Orbis’ Great Hippo Khan Sketchy “Ockey is a dick”, The Beklare-Bek Shiho “Ockey wants dick”, Khan of War Hodor “Ockey draws dicks on the map”, Khan of Diplomacy Partisan “Ockey snek dick”, Khan of Discipline Signed for Knights Templar Grand Master: Keegoz ? --------------------------------- Grand Seneschal: Thalmor ☭ Grand Chancellor: Vince McMahon ★ Grand Almoner: Theodosius ? Grand Marshal: Horsecock ?
  2. what could possibly go wrong amirite
  3. For the record, we're also totally okay with ET holding onto inactives. Just saying.
  4. To clarify, chairmanwei is not a member of TRF government and is not privy to war-related discussions, and as such does not speak for TRF. Those looking for accurate information are always free to contact myself or @Django Jane.
  5. Like I said, we know... TRF hereby declares war on KT.
  6. Well this has been a fun thread. Good times! For those of y'all who actually have legitimate concerns, (I realize that's probably not most of you but I'm happy to give the benefit of the doubt) but for whatever reason aren't inclined to talk with QM/DJ, you can also feel free to slide into my DM's and ask whatever you like. I'm more than happy to answer questions!
  7. You can interpret this as an official congratulations on your coronation from the Revolutionary Front. We at TRF wish you the best of luck in your reign!
  8. A formal notice that Stratagem and The Communist International have joined forces to form The Revolutionary Front (TRF). As separate entities SGM and TCI may have espoused somewhat differing ideologies; but those differences are miniscule in comparison to what we have in common and what we can achieve when united as one. Long Live the Revolution! P.p.s. Queen M adds: “Don’t @ me. Talk to the commie.” That’s me, hello! I’m Réjs. You’ve probably never heard of me. Believe me, that’s intentional. For better or for worse I guess that’s changing. Welp. Here we go. By the way, do you know how many commies it takes to screw in a lightbulb? Well apparently more than we have over here cuz we need some help... Visionaries: Queen M, Réjs Éminence Grise: Quan Tativ, The Internationalist, Victorious Senior Agitators: Starbuck, Comrade TCB, Comrade Hamilcar Special Advisor on Chicanery: Durmij TRF alliance page Discord is still in the cloud…
  9. Not the most important, but the GCB has had a different flag from the one displayed in the web for a little while now
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