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Peace in Our Time

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Green Protection Agency has provided the identity of the leaker, and evidence proving said identity, to Seven Kingdoms, Guardian, and Terminus Est (hereafter The Coalition). The Coalition has reviewed this evidence, and finds it satisfactory.
In accordance with the terms  previously agreed to and publicly posted on March 30th 2015, as well as the terms below, the war between the Green Protection Agency and The Coalition is hereby ended.
These terms are as follow:
  • An election to replace Grillick will be held by the Green Protection Agency. He will step down as Triumvir of Military Affairs not more than 10 days from today. He will not stand for election to Triumvir or  any other office for 6 months.


  • Grillick will not be appointed to Director, or any lesser office, for 2 months.


  • If this condition these conditions are not met, or if they are broached, this peace agreement is null and void.


  • If it becomes clear that Grillick is leading, or otherwise exerting control over the Green Protection Agency before the 6 month period is up, this peace agreement is null and void.


  • Both The Coalition and The Green Protection Agency will direct their members to remove any embargoes placed against the opposing side.


  • The Coalition forces will beige any Green Protection Agency opponents they may currently be fighting.
The Coalition further wishes to state that this wipes the slate clean between them and Green Protection Agency. They view Green Protection Agency as a neutral alliance going forward, and as long as the Green Protection Agency remains neutral in the future, they will afford them the same treatment they give to other neutral alliances.
Signed for the Green Protection Agency
Godfrey, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
Oberstein, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
Grillick, Triumvir of Military Affairs
Signed for Guardian
Signed for Terminus Est
Signed for Seven Kingdoms
Edited by Tenages
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Still didn't get a single missile in.


o/ to peace nonetheless.

Sucks to suck.

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Nice to see, the war definitely ran its course.

I'll now yell some profanities out of my university window in celebration, which may make my voice hoarse

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SK has the nicest signatures, everybody get on their level tia.

Fox Fire has the nicest signatures. Don't lie!

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