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  1. Prefontaine told me nothing, the Almighty sent me to prophesy to the lost souls of orbis one last time. See the light and repent for your heresy before the Almighty strikes all who have opposed his faithful followers.
  2. The faithful have not forgotten the Almighty, and the Almighty has not forgotten the faithful. The Almighty will lead us down the path of righteousness once again, a path watered well with the blood of heretics. Be warned Orbis, the Almighty still watches.
  3. Come on bby <3 We can talk about strings too
  4. Expecting Roy to not take it seriously and to relax was your fist mistake kurd
  5. Woah, time flies Congrats on the anniversary!
  6. Because he said no offense, so now if Grealind takes offense he's a dick, the guy clearly said no offense.
  7. I finally have the opportunity to get the recognition I deserve.
  8. Central, I don't sleep and ss23 and keegoz are both aussies.
  9. Just praise your new neutral overlords now and no one has to find out anything.
  10. Oh, I've got some special coal alright. Just make sure within 45 minutes you're in a safe place.
  11. I'm all for shitting on mensa, but coordinated growth plans are absolutely the most effective way of growing.
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