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  1. Thanks to my fellow SK'ers, and the good allies and fun antagonists over the years. You know who you are. You guys made the times fun and worthwhile. And a special thanks to the other knuckleheads who started this adventure 10 years ago. I never though we'd make it a month. Now I'm never gonna get rid of you. !@#$. Partages forever. o/ SK
  2. I haven't been around in forever, but on one of my semi-annual SK check-ins, it was mentioned Mensa had disbanded. I felt honor-bound to pop into the thread. You folks in Mensa were great, and despite whatever ups and downs we had (and lord knows y'all pissed me off sometimes and vice versa) some of both the best, most fun, and maybe the most honorable people I played the game and allied with. You'll always be on my wall of fame and loved. The Oktoberfest with y'all and tS was so much fun from start to finish, but what stands out for me the most, was shortly after we first allied, when my !@#$up led to our whole sphere getting steam-rollered. At the time I suggested to our allies that they disavow me and make clear it was my plan not theirs, save themselves, and there would be absolutely zero hard feelings. Pfeiffer and Mensa leadership just looked at me like I was crazy and rolled tanks with us, got rolled right alongside us. Impossible to forget something like that. Best of luck to all of you, and avoid that damn snow. Hail Mensa
  3. No idea what you're on about. I can't recommend retirement enough. Mikey, I was thoroughly expecting to be disappointed when you sent me this dow link on fb, but genuinely well done this time. Brought a tear to my eye and a chuckle from my lips Didn't make me think about coming back though Have fun and good luck guys. Merry Christmas. Also my old Mensa and BK friends, have fun warring. You'll understand if I refrain from wishing you luck this time Though as I recall, you rarely need it XD
  4. Though there are a few who we never even bothered to ask, since they'd made clear they'd never in a million years go on the show. Impero for one iirc. I feel like Pfeiffer also made it clear he'd never be on, though I could be completely misremembering that.
  5. It's Pre's show so............no. I can vouch for this. Pre and I have done shows with any number of people he shits (or was shitting on) and even at war with at the time. Saru, SRD, Pub, etc. He's done even more with Malone that I wasn't part of. Pre's always let the guest have their say and had a back and forth conversation. In the Saru show in particular, as I recall a lot of people thought Saru got the better of the exchange. I was simply speculating as to why Steve might not want to come on.
  6. Pre and Partisan are both current antagonists of him. He may have felt outnumbered. And while I'm friends with Steve, and I link to think reasonable, I'm also friends with Partisan and Pre, as well as in tS. So that's not really balancing the scales from his POV I'd imagine. That being said, Steve come on bby. You can hold your own, and someone needs to push back on Pre.
  7. All for it. Should be entertaining as hell. I am, as always, at your disposal for assistance with the technical elements Pre.
  8. I applaud the illegibility of this announcement. o/SK o/Sparta
  9. Sorry it took so long to upload guys. There wasn't even really any post production on this one, it was simply me being lazy. Shows up now. You can access it here: http://7kingdoms.net/radio/feed/podcast/prefontainevarietyshow All new episodes propagate to that rss feed when I upload them, so you can just follow that and you'll always have the show as soon as it uploads. Or you can subscribe via iTunes and it will automatically pull (and download if you want it to) the latest show. If you wish to subscribe via Itunes, the following link should take you there: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/prefontaine-friends-variety/id1045137063?mt=2
  10. SKRP is actually fully separate from SK the alliance. They're both part of the larger SK network of sites (along with Aperture and some other shit) but they've got independent forums, different leadership, etc. Sab could leave PW entirely and it wouldn't have any bearing on her being involved with SKRP. It's been a while since I popped my head in over there, (I usually only put in an appearance when Sab tells me my !@#$ing with the server broke something) but I think there's a couple other RP's beyond the original SKRP that they've started up.
  11. Blast from the past. Shoulda stuck with the Corn Shuckers name. Best name y'all ever had.
  12. Keegoz and I will have to find something new to posture over GL with your next step everyone who was in CC. Thanks to Cobalt for the aid and friendship y'all provided SK over the last year or so.
  13. lolololololololol That'll be the day. In fact he's already conned me into doing work, after agreeing to "no work" as a condition for me going with him.
  14. My creation was such an amazing achievement that we now aim to fail in all our experiments... For Science.
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