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  1. You realize that we're talking about 8.5 million people by 1945, right? I mean not 1938 or something, but 1945. You realize that these people rose to power on platforms of racism and aggression under a militant style, right? The Nazis weren't out trying to stop people from harassing Jews, drive them out of the country and eventually lock them up and kill them. They were the ones doing it and promoting it. They were the ones living next to a Jewish ghetto and feeling proud to be German. What you say about ISIS is kinda funny. First off, you're accusing Islam of being evil but Nazism of being OK. Now you're (sarcastically I hope), saying that ISIS should stop people from being extremist..... Hmm.... I wonder why the Nazis didn't try stopping people from being extremist? I would imagine, and this is just a guess here, that it could possibly have something to do with the fact that Nazism is extreme, just like Wahhabism. But yeah, I see you're point. There is nothing wrong with Nazism, except for the fundamental idea.
  2. Prions which come from consuming the flesh of animals can cause incurable, degenerative and fatal neurological disorders. They are most abundant in brain tissue, the spinal chord and internal organs. Although one can pick up prion diseases from other animals there is a species barrier making animal to human contraction extremely rare. It's far more likely to happen when consuming the same species and far more likely when dealing with organs, specifically brain or spinal tissue. The initial birth of such diseases tends to be from acts of cannibalism. BSE (Mad Cow Disease), CJD and Kuru are examples.
  3. Nazism is an extremist ideology. Thus the Nazis were extremist. Whether you physically took part in the slaughter of Jews or not, if you were a Nazi you were an extremist. You supported the idea of ethnic cleansing, racial purity and imperialism. By your logic, not all ISIS members are bad. Most of them are good people.....
  4. But systematically murdering millions of people was OK..... You're such a hypocrite. You legitimately sit here and defend the Nazi ideology while calling Islam evil? You call accuse people of being bigoted while spewing bigotry? GTFO.
  5. Cannibalism has serious health concerns. It's a ridiculous idea to legalize it.
  6. Things I have learned in this thread: >Islam is evil. >Nazis are good people. >Naziphobe is a word. Well..... This was very educational....
  7. No. An asteroid hitting the moon wouldn't do anything to the Earth. A super volcano is also not going to change the earths rotation. The only way an impact could change the earths rotation, is for the impacting body to be absolutely massive, about the same size as earth. So massive, that every living thing on the facing side of the planet would be wiped out before it even actually hit and the impact would turn the whole globe into a molten ball of magma. There would be nothing to witness it. You should stop learning your science from youtube. Go read a book. Something besides the Quran preferably. Good job. What did you win?
  8. No, the earth will not start spinning the other way. Is everyone in this thread stupid? What you referenced was geomagnetic reversal. It's happened numerous times throughout earths history but the earth has always spun the same way. You almost had a decent argument here but it's obvious that you don't even understand what you're talking about.
  9. Would you say the same thing about plants being murdered? I imagine you wouldn't. Life consumes life. That's nature. Animals should be afforded rights to a reasonable extent. That doesn't mean we should ban meat or animal testing. But of course, the Nazis did like animals and preferred human testing.... Animals are sentient.... Animals are self aware. lol. Keep trying....
  10. No, the reasoning is quite different. For starters, I never claimed that something came from nothing. Everything that ever has, does or will exist has always been there and will always be there. This idea is not ridiculous at all, it's supported by physics. Matter, like time, space and energy, are all relative parts of one thing. The huge difference between theism and non-theism is that there is actual objective evidence for the universe. The big bang is a scientific theory along with a number of other accompanying theories that explain the phenomena of existence. Theism/creationism is a hypothesis on it's very best day without the slightest bit of scientific or even mathematical evidence. It has as much validity as believing in dragons. Of course it's possible that dragons might exist, but there's no reason to think they do. You can go back and read my argument which covers all of this, or not. But I don't feel like repeating my whole argument.
  11. 1. Years of western produced anti-government propaganda being funneled into Syria. 2. The invasion of Iraq. 3. Drought.
  12. Also, obligatory show of support for Assad!
  13. Right...... I request a detailed methodology of how these statistics were compiled, because I know it doesn't exist. Mostly because these numbers don't even add up to the actual death toll or the civilian casualties documented by the opposition forces themselves. Not to mention what Roz said is very true: Their propaganda and website isn't even well made.
  14. Does that mean Christianity is the REAL truth, since it actually is larger? And that paganism was the truth before Rome made Abrahamic religion a thing? But they actually don't. The differences between them are hardly even worth arguing about. Not to mention that this is just a cheap way of discrediting the largest religion on Earth. If Sunnis are the true religion, then what particular sect of Sunni is true and why? Because like you said, you can't combine them all under the same banner when they have different beliefs. "To be", like anything else that exists. Go read a book or two about quantum physics and modern theories of cosmology. Earth isn't perfect, nor was it by chance. There are literally an innumerable amount of planets in just the known universe. That doesn't even include the unknown. You're looking at this subject as if life is inherently special or important when in reality it isn't. It's just a chemical reaction formed on a planet, no different than any other activity that takes place in the universe. Life on Earth is just another part of the planet itself, like oceans, tectonic plates or the atmosphere. "To be" is the nature of existence. It matters not what form it takes as any and all forms are part of it.
  15. 1. So basically there is no difference at all other than a shit ton of wasted tax payer dollars? Because I mean, Operation Jump Start cost over a billion dollars, still didn't solve anything and that was but a fraction of what Trump is proposing. Multiculturalism is the foundation of the United States. Mexicans already live here and have made massive contributions to American culture already. They're as American as you and me and allowing them to move here is not going to destroy America considering they are already an inherent part of our culture. Nationalism is stupid, but you're beyond nationalist. 2. I was referring the the exploitation of middle eastern nations. And I don't want slave labor in the US either, which is exactly why I think a wall is a stupid idea. Want to end illegal immigration in the US? Want to end slave labor in the US? Then end the war on drugs and reform our immigration process so that people can move here legally. 3. Statistics say that you're wrong with growing secularism in Europe, including within the European Muslim community. The social divide is fueled by xenophobia, not innocent people looking for a better life. But it's because of all the xenophobia in Europe, that I think those Muslim migrants are better off going just about anywhere else. The ghettos formed in Europe for these migrants were not built by the migrants out of intention. Nobody moves to a new country and wants to be hated and stuffed in a camp. You accuse migrants of not integrating while refusing them any chance to. That's what I'd call xenophobia. Unfortunately, it's this cultural conflict that feeds the ideology known as Salafism. The more you express hatred for Islam the more Muslims are inspired to hate the west. Do you not see the self feeding cycle here? Continuing the cycle will only produce the same cyclical results.
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