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  1. Don't Park on the Grass, because old people hate it when you tread on their lawn
  2. Why nuke abbas 2018 when you can nuke Kastor 21st century? In all seriousness, I think spending your nukes on keno would be nice, but an even better system would be having nations place bids for the nations they want nuked, like an auction
  3. Considering a member with less than 10 posts has essentially set a handful of people on tilt, I salut you o7
  4. Would you like to be enlightened with a log dump? Oh wait log dumps are a dick move to you... But if we can't use logs we can't obviously enlighten you in another way... Pick one or quit acting like an immature prick.
  5. Please look no further than consulting my bio below to confirm why Kastor is a milf
  6. You've brought me to tears
  7. I'll make sure to do this after I come home from work
  8. Since when was my aa at war This is the first I've heard
  9. At a quick glance, those two aa's harbored many familiar names so I had them in mind. I wouldn't be joining any specific aa based on avg. score alone, however. I want to join an aa that is essentially "the most fun." Basically either laid back af or like too serious about the game. Nothing inbetween Ily jag <3
  10. Not really tho I am back from my adventures through hell high school. Got into college and all is good Where in god's name is TesT and what are these new aa's? What has happened since I took my leave? Please feel free to fill me in Also I've been in Rose for over a year, so if anyone in an alliance that isn't Rose, give me your best word why I should join your aa If you're in Rose, convince me why it would be wise to stay put https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6769 I am a big boi nation for those who don't know who exactly I am for whatever reason. Check out my shizz and get a feel of me I look forward to being in activity here again!
  11. Loving the constant backless claims you keep making after Rozalia gives you a lengthy, decent counterclaim to your bullshit. Classic Hereno
  12. Dear Mr. Vietnam, Please, don't start things Sincerely, all of Orbis
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