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  1. Hmmm do we need a repeat of Celestial Union...
  2. Incompetence? Interesting considering I'm far from that. You just get a thrill out of attempting to flame people that you or your friends dislike. It's okay friend that's not going to happen here because frankly I can give zero shits about your thoughts and opinions. I do not recall failing war. I was referring to knightfall when every single slot was being grabbed within seconds of an opening. Also what dogpile are you referring to? We've all been on both ends of those so I'm not really sure where you're going on that. But anyway have a good day! Don't bust a blood vessel continuing to be prim and proper 24/7.
  3. Oh yes you mean when I rerolled and rejoined the game after being gone for well over a year on deployment. Yes a lot of the game did change from what I was used to and I was pretty frustrated at first you're right. But It's all good now thanks for the trip down memory lane however irrelevant it is to this matter.
  4. Definitely won't hear or see me crying in the forums. You of all people should know how this game goes. We've been playing for 7 years now dude. This happens every global we have all given and been on the receiving ends of rollings.
  5. Exactly people are completely hypocritical when it comes to this subject and makes them look stupid. Alex needs to ban communism as well. Especially considering they were even worse than the Nazis and killed many more people. It is nothing more than hypocritical of Alex at this point not banning both.
  6. Finally a micro leader that gets it. Respect!
  7. Welcome to the fray my friends. We can collect skulls for the skull throne together.
  8. Well then instead of crying on the forums just take your L and enjoy the fight. And next time don't get in the way of us going for grumpy this war isn't about tkr.
  9. I love how this went from a war declaration to a collection of Hollywood tears. Keep it up boys and girls I'm enjoying all the free salt. Might just have enough to salt my roads this winter at this rate.
  10. Don't worry I'll be waiting and watching better yet I might just make my way to you. You better get those stats up rookie.
  11. Nice to see rose still can't fight without a million allies. Somethings never change.
  12. To bad TCW has so many war dodgers as per usual.
  13. Have you ever heard the term called beige cycling? Works a lot better when people like you don't jump in.
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