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  1. Cooperative Leadership and Educational Access Republic (CLEAR)
  2. Congratulations, lovely Adrienne. I was gone for most of these two years but from what I hear it felt more like 10 years due to the vile nature of the last war. It is a testament to your character and leadership that you steadied the TKR ship and helped fortify coalition efforts through all of this adversity.
  3. Yay, Partisan into part-time consulting (at higher billable rates ofc) and Eumir comes back into full-time consulting logging lots of hours in DMs all around Orbis. o7 Partisan o7 Eumirbago
  4. Hi Alex, I posted this previously but thought I’d link it here since it touches on many of the points you bring up. Thanks, Tim
  5. Goodbye for now, Buorhann. Here’s to keeping things interesting in Orbis from the introduction of Mensa to the game through TGH’s reign. Never a dull moment! May the remaining TGH nations find new homes and enjoy playing on into the future.
  6. I would like to see a way for an alliance to run a central run bank that have a formal tie to the alliance in game (rather than simply being a nation that serves as an offshore to protect from looting). The alliance bank would be operating cash and resources for immediate needs and it would continue to be looted when a nation is defeated in war. However, the central bank is safe from being looted and tracks all deposits and withdrawals for each nation. The central bank would set the currency, manage the money supply and set interest rates. It would have the capability to accept deposits and make loans from/to members and non-members. Thanks for soliciting ideas. ?
  7. Nice vid! Not your fault but Still waiting for this part ?
  8. The evidence does seem to break the spirit of the rules. It’s up to Alex how he wants to handle that knowing it sets a precedent for consequences in future instances of cheating. I do hope complaints with evidence will be processed more quickly to discourage such behavior going forward. I hope this action will encourage active, engaged players from all spheres to play the game and have more fun with less toxicity.
  9. Aw, Fraggle. She belongs to no one and transcends all rules and boundaries. When I first met her (many years ago) she was so into RP and I had never experienced that before so I was SCARED of her. Like totally freaked out. But over time I began to appreciate her for her uniqueness and fun. Now she is a bright light over Orbis that we can admire from afar. Like the sun she provides us a backdrop of beauty and light that encourages/sustains life but is also a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for being you and not giving up on us, Fraggle. ❤️
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