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  1. @Buorhann do you still play? I've seen some ads for this game recently and I've wondered about it. I play Runescape a lot and love the skilling aspect of that plus the player run economy which I know is kind of a thing in Albion. What do you like about the game?
  2. I know this is an old thread but I highly recommend trying RS3 if anyone has thought about it. They just released a new skill called Archaeology which is absolutely fantastic and combines lore + skilling. They've done some great reworks to stuff too.
  3. I think it's good you are thinking of unique ideas, and this definitely is one, however I think it wouldn't quite fit into the global market as well as war mechanics such as looting. How would currencies convert? What about new nations who aren't in alliances? Etc.
  4. Wow I never thought I'd see the day ODN wasn't a part of any world. Best of luck to you all
  5. Well whoever they are should feel bad
  6. I swear the next war is just going to be the war of the protectorates with how many are popping up and chaining
  7. You know I still have no idea who half of these people are but at least it's something happening
  8. I'm so glad I decided to return to the game after all the stuff with IQ happened. Also glad that Yosodog restarted BK cause I would have hated whatever crap that was which thought cheating and trying to just outright dominate without balance was ok.
  9. Best of luck, change can be hard but this could bring a lot of opportunity for you all
  10. Oh but they think we should cry about it and just ignore that they are finding a loophole to spam new nations into seeing them as the only option to join.
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