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  1. Well.. very unfortunate Fist left (so suddenly). So does all the talks I had with him //
  2. Well, jesus.. so many hateful and judging comments here At least even I'm not being rude or judgeful If you feel the need to judge with such- hatefully to someone else who literally has nothing to do with you. Just so you can feel like you're the bigger man in the game, well then kudos to you, if that floats your boat really I can only wonder who is really being lieing, toxic right now lol
  3. Just when I was doing so well... GG
  4. Lol bud, I'm sure I would get a response, I won't even try to hide it such as this as opposed as if it came from someone else. Anyways just trying to be objectively speaking, it's kinda fail that 1-person can do this much damage to a "collective" group of people. The biggest difference in conventional war and nuke/spy war. You can coordinate in an conventional war (3 aggressors) and attack multiple times. In a nuke/spy war. You can't even spy 1 person more than 3x a day. Al tho you can just as easily land 6 nukes on a "collective" groups of people. There's just no-response for 100 guys to 1 guy with that capability. Pre has some very good suggestions here. Both of them would turn out fine. - Just objectively speaking. What would be a good pre-empt defense against nuke-hording? Would you suggest going to https://politicsandwar.com/leaderboards/nuk And secretly destroying spies+nukes count of nations with outstanding nuke countes? Really isn't a feasible solution in my opinion. It'll just make more tension to the already high-destructive capabilities in this game.
  5. Ultimately, this is a suggestion for Game Balance #1 Unfair less-members to more-members fight We all see how much damage NK can do to GPA. (Or Alpha to tS if you count numbers) Counting the numbers it is much harder to coordinate many people as opposed to coordinating less members. Altho the people not using nukes are in a complete helplessness to defend themselves against nuke-spamming opponents. There is about no-way to coordinate against 1 or a few nuke-spamming opponents. Isn't really a fair fight, of who can coordinate members better. Just who has more buttons and bullets to spam. #2 Ease of implement I'm sure with Alex's approval this is very easy to implement. There is a set limit of how much spies a nation can have = 60. Doing the same for nukes shouldn't be a problem. Same as how Iron Dome was buffed to 50%. #3 Overall destructive balance As if the destructive capabilities in this game are not great enough. (compared to other nation sims) #4 Realism If anyone would care. But I'll scratch this reason off since it's not reality. #5 Nerfing of Missiles was a great idea. No difference here, is it? I would propose to limit the ability to stockpile nukes to "infinite". To say a more "reasonable" number, like 10-20. As well as buffing the protection given by VDS, to 40% (even if it's not 50%). Still means a lot difference to the helplessness of a whole alliance being bombarded by a few nuke-spammers. OOT: Despite all that's going on (and past history nuke-wars by NK or Alpha). I hope everyone can think of this Game Balance suggestion objectively.
  6. LOL. This would actually be hilarious. That Clarke-announcement by Phiney was actually pretty damn funny lol - actually almost something like what The Black Knight's meme would be like
  7. I thought BKs are gonna post more memes, taking advantage over this chaos to push their memes agenda
  8. Awss~ thank you Kattie. You're so sweet Oh well. It's for the progress of the game, I don't mind ^^ Lol Kurdanak! I'm just a peaceful guy I guess. I really don't like fighting if I don't need to. Well... I even tried to advocate for peace in this conflict.. but well, I guess people just really love to fight in this game. But well ultimately. Sheepy, I wish to thank you for all these awards, hard work and keeping this game awesome ^^ as always
  9. Yo, Why are you guys looking at each other like a "thing" treating each other like a "thing"? There is really no tS or Alpha or "something" in this game, just "People". We people get emotional, get jealous, we may make mistakes that offend others. Everyone knows Partisan. Everyone knows Placenta. Like even I remember him since the day he was #1 player in Guardian. He's a good guy, so does a lot of people in t$ is. I sure we all can mean well, sort this out. No? COME ON PEOPLE Or do you all really will let the sword speak for itself? Are you all so bloodthirsty for a fight? If that's the case, sure go rumble. If not, save yourselves all the incoming damage to your nations. I'm not trying to start anything. All I am trying to say see, look at each other as a "people", and it's human nature to make mistakes, also we can look past mistakes. We all need the same food, water and breathe the same air. There doesn't need to be a winner or a loser when we can all be winners.
  10. o/ UPN o/ DIEC o/ Rose o/ Orbis from piracy in general @Ogaden Btw, your real enemies are not there. It's here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6
  11. Uranium Enrichment Program costing 21M compared to Ironworks costing only 5M is actually a bad deal. It'll take over 75days for UEP to pay off itself compared to Ironwork will pay off itself in 10-20ish or-so days. What's the reason for making UEP so expensive anyways? It's not like Uranium is used for anything else other than power plants. (unless you planned to use it for something in the future)
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