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  1. All the peoples that have tried to mke GPA a great AA have been forced to leave because of those stupid arguments, you should really stop making them.
  2. Give them time to stack up some cash again, the piggy bank gets smashed when its full
  3. You lost half your members because you recruit worthless alliance hoppers with no sense of honor and ability to stay when the shit gets though, and you only have yourselves to blame for that, because your playstyle prevents you from doing otherwise. I'd rather disband than wait another year to get rolled again the same way lmao
  4. GPA doctrine is one of silence also because anything they say ends up speeding up the yearly doomsday
  5. Gpa received their annual cleanup, 53 of its previous members confirmed to be just dead weight, and it gets to play its neutrality for another year until they become first again. Stop treating them like they are innocent, they fully knew the consequences of their actions and they accepted it as fate. When Oberstein told me that breaking neutrality was going to lead the alliance into more wars, he was right, the difference being, the fewer wars neutrality affords you are also more destructive, and you fail to build up a core of active nations and experienced warfighters that can actually carry you to victory. Let's not forget this was a 1v1, and with the player base, money, and sheer pixel power from having a bazillion cities, GPA should have shrugged it off. It didn't, time to ask yourself some questions and stop acting like the victim.
  6. Good luck! Also obligatory o/ the Chola
  7. not sure anybody wants any of those 30 dudes that decided to leave when the shit got tough, and also not sure you want neutral peace fanatics in your armies, they would just get in the way lmao
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