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  1. Er, by my reckoning you deserve no more than 1/3 of the credit. Even then, that's disregarding everyone else who helped build Pantheon to what it was.
  2. Had the same issue, putting in a negative value just made me buy the max I could at the time. Subsequently it just kept telling me I was buying 0. I've asked around and it doesn't seem to be an issue when performed on mobiles, but I've tested it on Mozilla and Chrome and it doesn't work on either of them.
  3. Putting a smiley in an official alliance announcement title is grounds for impeachment in my opinion. You've been warned Felkey
  4. I still love it too ❤️ Pantheon just makes me sad now, it needs to die.
  5. Can y'all go be boring elsewhere, you're ruining the nothining for me!
  6. I second this one Also, LYRO IS BACK!!
  7. Well I was solving the Schrodingers equation for a Hydrogen atom in my 2nd year of university, so it must be around 3rd year level. It's fine to say you can't cut it, I wont hold it against you.
  8. Ah, but if you'd read my request properly you'd have noticed I asked for the EXACT solution, not an approximate one which these articles give. If this is the kind of attention to detail you give these reports you write, I'm not sure I'm interested.
  9. How much for a report detailing an exact solution to the Schrodinger equation for a Helium atom? 5 - 6 pages max
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