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  1. Probably. I'm on the NPO discord but don't know the discords for anything else. Hey buddy, I recommend making a new post all together. More people will see it.
  2. Thank you! Glad to see you are still here!
  3. Took you long enough to notice. Thought it would have been more liked 5 minutes after I posted this.
  4. How many people are in it now? Just curious.
  5. Well hi I'm back... sorta. Life got busy and I had to step away for awhile but I'm going to hopefully slowly get back into the fold here. Missed this community!
  6. Hey there, Just a heads up I bet people are going to troll this. It happens to micros, don't worry. I know you all have a treaty, but I do think it would be smart to find a protector somewhere with one of the major alliances to help out. Trust me, it helps and there are probably some alliances that would be willing to protect you if you established good enough relations with them by going to their forums/talking to them on IRC. Best of luck though
  7. Sad to see you all go, best of luck to you all in Rose.
  8. Ayyy BoC you found yourself a nice treaty partner. Best of luck in this new position you all are moving into.
  9. Congrats on the Anniversary Always liked you guys, hope for more anniversaries to come!
  10. Keegoz already getting some new people to flirt with. Dear god UPN you don't know what you've started...
  11. I love it when Pre announces something. Have fun you two
  12. Screw spelling. No one spels wright anywais nowadays.
  13. Nice looking gov Always liked you guys, glad that there's still a good gov in your halls.
  14. Congrats to those in positions now, hope everything turns out well for ya
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