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  1. Are you sure this isn't about you switching sides?
  2. I heard getting tickled to death is a horrible way to die. You're laughing and dying at the same time. Eugh, no. Kick ass out there, Arrgh. fake edit: Shout out to the squad.
  3. That looks like a shit ton to read on my phone so I'll reply tomorrow
  4. We both know the guys over in Alpha are pretty loyal. They even oA'd in the TC-tS war to help your upper tier. They've proven that they will defend their allies. Now, I have no idea if any alliance declared war on you but I'm pretty sure they will always defend their allies, no matter who that alliance is allied to.
  5. 1) Intel clauses are a !@#$ to deal with if you're connected to two sphere leaders. 2) I have not referred to the vagueness SK's declaration of war at all. You're just trying to "spin" it so people will become anti Alpha after what they've done to the "alliance" you're currently in. But that's fine, we all live in our own world and are entitled to our opinion. 3) Respect is a two way thing. You give respect, you get respect. tS/Alpha respecting each other's alliance is a completely different thing but the principle still stands. Chances are, if tS had laid everything
  6. Blame the dicks on IRC Alpha could have been in no one's coalition. But the intel clause still stands. They could have told you about them hitting SK and you could have told them about everyone hitting Rose.
  7. As Partisan said, Steve told Partisan that he would only hit Roz Wei on the 5th. Over the next couple days, the coalition needed Alpha to hit SK to help alleviate pressure off of Rose. They could have told you they were going to hit SK but what's the point? So you could tell Tenages that Alpha were going to hit them on the Xth so they can get prepared? Let's not act as if tS wouldn't have done the same in Alpha's situation. Furthermore, an intel clause is a two way thing. You guys could have told Steve that your whole sphere was going to come crashing down on Rose, meaning Alpha would be in so
  8. A lot of tS' posts in this thread would disagree with your assumption that you're just "disappointed".
  9. You do realise that discussing war counters can happen in less than four days, right?
  10. And I'm out. Shoutout to tS, Rose, Arrgh and all the other major alliances that I've been in. Shoutout to my boys Chaunce, Manthrax, Partisan, Abbas and the rest. Shoutout to both James (You James should know what I'm taking about you and not the other 132432 James) for being themselves. Shoutout to Mensa for making this game somewhat entertaining. I may be back in about a years time. Let's hope things have changed. I'll also be chilling around on IRC for a day or so if y'all got any questions.
  11. FSA was attacked by one large alliance and two smaller sized alliances. Getting into the top 10 was stupidly easy back then so it's not a massive accomplishment.
  12. You're correct. We're jealous of your ability to gather all the inactive nations into one small blob of failure.
  13. Shifty is probably one of the nicest people I know in BK, an OOC attack on him is not warranted.
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