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  1. Kinda sad seeing (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) dies, well it does have a really good decade long run.
  2. Bilal the Great

    Refresh my mind would ya?

    Because the countries banned are irrelevant and America, or hell the rest of the world would lose nothing if they got banned or something. He probably do this just to placate his supporters. I mean I can't think anything worthwhile coming out of Sudan or Somalia.
  3. Bilal the Great

    I don't understand why I still play Hearts of Iron IV.

    I always picked the small nations in South America first and then slowly works my way around the continent while avoiding to accidentally press anything in the American intervention pop up.
  4. Bilal the Great


    Personally I liked 3 better but yeah 2 is a classic.
  5. Bilal the Great

    Natural Disasters

    Eh, I always hated the concept of natural disaster in city building game. Just my personal feeling, I feels that it's just some gimmick from Simcity series that every dev feels need to follow. But well, I can see the reason why people enjoys them, each for everyone or something like that.
  6. Bilal the Great

    Dirty Deeds War

    uh huh
  7. Bilal the Great

    War Name: Poll Edition

    The "!@#$ YOUR LUNCH" war.
  8. Bilal the Great

    Newbies safe from radiation

    lol at what point do Sheepy and the community gives a !@#$ about new players.
  9. Bilal the Great

    We just wanna help

    I don't know who's on who's side at this point but I hope I get to hit one of yours o7
  10. Bilal the Great

    Syndicate Declaration of Actually Making Declarations

    Boy I better be active on P&W again, it's been months. *sees war* Ooh yes can't wait to bash some purp- *sees who are we warring with* MRW
  11. Bilal the Great

    Name This War

    "!@#$ you" war
  12. Bilal the Great

    Happy Birthday to Sheepy/Alex.

    Please don't die yet.
  13. Bilal the Great

    Make the game more dynamic

    The nuclear fallout is the only I think would work, because it was a feature in Cybernations and it was okay.
  14. Bilal the Great

    Poll about missiles.

    They're only useful when all of your army is wiped clean and the enemy is currently kicking you in the curb. Basically I only ever use to hurt my enemy out of spite.
  15. Bilal the Great

    End the Americanization of P&W!

    I'm not an American and I don't give a shit.

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