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T$ has lost all my respect. Since when has T$ ran from a good fight? And especially since your ally just got hit. Which... technically the treaty should still activate since eclipse just hit. But T$ doesn't care! say what you mean and mean what you say. Bad ally

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1 minute ago, Hodor said:




PSA - if you enter into a treaty with t$ and are hit by another alliance, they won't defend you.


Note: Obviously, if Eclipse had been tied to any parties hit, we'd not hold t$ to anything.



I get t$ is just trying to wardodge, but yikes.


Eclipse isn't tied to Midgard in any way shape or form. They no-CB'd your (for another 71 hours) ally aggressively.


Wouldn't be shocked to get some logs with Eclipse and T$ planning all this out beforehand at this point.

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