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[Treaty]TFP Finds Its Johnson: An Adoption Story


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We need to stop this menace! Its already bigger and stronger than IQ!

Hammer Councillor of The Lost Mines
Diety Emeritus of The Immortals, Patres Conscripti (President Emeritus) of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Lieutenant Emeritus of Black Skies, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix, Prefect Emeritus of Carthago, Regent Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Coal Duke (Imperator Emeritus) of The Coal Mines


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1 minute ago, hidude45454 said:

So humbled by the Johnsons for reaching out and accepting such a small member into their ranks. TFP have a long way to go to be as good as the Johnsons but I'm sure they have the strength to get there; being brave enough to join the sphere was certainly a good first step.

Grats to all parties involved! 🍻

Thank you for the well wishes. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be and push forward. That...."lady"...Oasis Baskin was holding us back. You will see TFP reach new heights within a well established bloc. TFP would like to thank The Johnsons for welcoming us in. Also, The Johnsons would like to thank TFP for joining us.

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2 minutes ago, Changeup said:

Waffle House denounces this move and the hegemonic ambitions that so clearly motivate it. When you've got a sphere already made up of the most competent alliances in the game, adding a major alliance famous for it's FA prowess and excellent fighting skill just shows that you're acting in bad faith. The Brave and Beautiful Camelot joining was already pushing the envelope, but this is absolutely too far. I could threaten war, but The Johnsons are simply too powerful, even if everyone teamed up against them.

Congratulations on killing the game with your hegemony of a sphere. This is worse than anything NPO or GOONS ever did.

You try so hard

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22 minutes ago, Thalmor said:

The Johnsons were already very powerful. You would think TFP would've learned from that Mystery-Oasis thing that the community does not take such consolidation well. 

Perpare for the storm, kid. 

Be gone Oasis Baskin shill. It's clear to see that she has warped your mind. I can only pray that the generous nature of The Johnsons will help guide you to the truth and the light.

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1 hour ago, Kevanovia said:




Greetings to the Gentlefolk of Orbis,

I come before you today with eventful and wonderful news. As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes in the Orbis landscape and in our wonderful alliance The Fighting Pacifists. First of all, we would like to thank Velyni Vas for his service leading TFP and we wish him well in Rose. In his stead, fate (and therefore TFP) has decided to hand me the reigns to this mighty force. Obviously this is a large undertaking. For this reason I have asked the most powerful family in Orbis to grant us shelter as we grow. They accepted. Oddly enough, The Johnsons official representative (who also happens to be me) not only took us in as a guest, they decided to sign the adoption papers. With that, I present to you the new edition of The Johnsons official flag to include the newest member. Behold:


Accepting an alliance with our troubled past into their family is just another example of the mighty The Johnsons generosity. Sure some may claim that this just further bolsters our position as a hegemony within Orbis, but unfortunately the same people who make these claims fail to ask a very important question: 'is a hegemonic The Johnsons a bad thing?' You but only need to look at our ability to give and love to know the answer. Yes we are the bloc you love to fear, but we no longer need to be the bloc that you fear to love. I understand that a large Johnson family can be scary at first, but as people give it a try they appreciate the thought more and more.

My friends, the time of The Johnsons is here. Our enemies will continue to fall (I'm looking at you Oasis Baskin) while we stand tall.


Signed for The Johnsons

Soldiers of Liberty

Federated States of Orbis

World Task Force



Signed for TFP

Daimyo of The Fighting Pacifists and Grand Father of The Johnsons



The Rest of TFP Gov

The Rest of TFP Gov


Edit: We also got a new server. For whatever reason the other one wasn't letting me get into the member or government channels. This server will also act as The Johnsons bloc server. So if you're looking to start diplomatic relations, pay tribute or looking to join:

TFP & The Johnsons Discord


It sure is a good thing that Johnson’s doesn’t exist and you don’t represent any single alliance on that list 

Edited by SecFED Thompson
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