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An end to the war. A $yndicate broadcast

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GODS BELOW! I am Leopold of the most ancient and sacred, House of Habsburg, of whose bones the wealth of The Syndicate is built on. I summon you to listen.
CURSE THIS MAN, ALEXIO! Send him bitterness and despair, for all of his life. Let him taste nothing BUT INACTIVTY AND POVERTY
GODS OF THE UNDERWORLD! All that I have left, I give to you in sacrifice, if you will make it so.


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> including Leo and Adri but not me

I am incredibly hurt by this turn of events. Therefore I must call for retribution to my grievances, which I will do as follows:




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For months you have peddled this idea. For months you have spoken of Alexio's treachery. Partisan, Leopold, Zed...you have all spoken out. Why then must you be such obfuscators. You have all the information in the world to join us to your cause. But yet you still plead in shadowed terms. 

You want justice? You've named your defendant, now serve your indictment. 


You have 2 weeks...

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