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  1. Congrats to both parties! I wish the best of luck to you guys!
  2. Congrats and good luck to both!!
  3. Did we reaallllyyy need to hear this?
  4. @Akuryo I'm convinced this man single-handedly produces all of China's iron.
  5. First of all, we stopped caring about tCM the first time you guys ate sh*t in 2019. Second, if you added a new member, how could you call yourselves “The Trinity”
  6. Congrats, and good luck!
  7. Lmao what did Nokia do now
  8. Wei rips up their paper edit didn’t realize someone responded to Arctic before me ;(
  9. I'll share cookies, but im 60 or so score out of range
  10. Lmao man is just salty he can’t use game mechanics to defend his prot, so he tries to use the Admin to do it for him
  11. Havgle

    World Ellie Day

    I was about to make a dead elephant joke, but then I realized that Purpleymoon is too nice. Happy Ellie day to all!
  12. I pledge my RV van and all my monies to the meth laboratory of the best Econ I can actually have a conversation with, @CitrusK by the power of my nonexistent free will and also Citrus’s incredible poaching skill down with the era of stupid micros and stupid micro leaders with free crystal meth for all I’m dumb sorry
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