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  1. Golden Phoenyx drama eh :-p? I'm actually a pretty big fan of that place south of Brazil (aka Anime), but I've never seen Black Clover. Looking at it a bit, pretty sure I wouldn't want to, not my type of Anime. Here's some scene's with Black Clover's Golden Dawn:
  2. I read your entire post. You make some good points, but as you yourself pointed out, IQ is no longer around. I can easily see them getting me to leave the game, but I'd never continue in a game where I felt I wasn't getting enough happiness out of it. I mean, it's a game, after all. Anyway, thanks for complimenting me on my own Alliance shuffles. If I could go back in time, I would have just joined the Alliance I'm in now and perhaps not needed to shuffle Alliances at all, but it's hard to say- I think Alliance wars in this game can be trying for the Alliances involved and global
  3. It's fairly easy to switch Alliances in game, so long as you do so in a way that doesn't make oneself look bad, such as refusing to pay off a large debt in one's former Alliance, for instance. Leaving one's country is another matter entirely.
  4. Perhaps 2 or 3 per resource type. Would avoid seeing this: Alternatively, if we could render certain players invisible, basically like embargoing someone, just making them invisible instead, would also work, though would basically mean a lot of people have to do that in order to avoid seeing the offers of 1 or 2 people.
  5. I'm guessing that Grave wanted to do the maximum infra damage and thus focused on hitting that instead of other targets. Regardless, your words got me thinking, could Oasis really be flagging? As a member of Oasis Bloc, I decided to see if there was a KT nation that wasn't beiged or fully slotted in close range to my own and join in the fight. Found nothing. So I decided to check all the way up to the maximum that I could hit- all slotted as well. So guessing you're just being your usual humorous self :-p.
  6. Ahhh. It makes sense now :-). I thought you were saying that I reminded you of some book that you've been meaning to read, not the book I was quoting :-p. Anyway, I highly recommend it, but I would, having literally read all of Frank Herbert's Dune books twice and almost every other book he ever wrote :-p. I even read some of his son's Dune books, but he just wasn't the same, so I think I skipped a few. Anyway, I will keep better track of when you are putting things in parenthesis from here on out :-p.
  7. Not trying to patronize you. I'm just curious as to what the book's called. It's hard to know when you're joking and when you're serious to be honest. I think most if not all of the above is the 'joking around' part, so I'll just leave it at that.
  8. Not sure whether I should take you seriously or not :-p. Anyway, assuming you're being serious about the book at least, if you figure out what it's called, let me know, I'm curious :-p. As to death, I'm personally not afraid of death per se. I think it'd be a relief, I worry about too much stuff in life -.- -Dying- on the other hand, seems like a real pain. Have a friend who probably doesn't have much time left in this world. Looking at how weak he is physically, I'm thinking if -I- were in his situation, I'd be looking for assisted suicide. However, he didn't get there overnight.
  9. This reminds me of a joke- "It takes a big man to cry. And and even bigger man to laugh at him" :-p. It's a joke, but I think that hidden within it might be some real truth. Ultimately, everything has weaknesses. Now, one can try to hide those weaknesses from everyone, but the danger is that at some point in time, one or more of these weaknesses may be revealed. More likely than not, they will be revealed at an inopportune time. If, on the other hand, one chooses to reveal one's weaknesses to people one thinks are trustworthy, one might gain a truly good friend. Or not, it doesn't always work
  10. Completely agree, which is the main reason that I was so persistent in attempting to find the truth regarding the word of certain Alliance leaders.
  11. That bolded part I think is the most important part in my view. The thing that most Alliances and Blocs are concerned about is a power becoming too powerful. It's why so many Blocs allied against Quack- the belief that Quack had become too powerful and if the Blocs didn't ally together, they could be taken out one at a time. No one thinks that KT will be destroying Oasis in the forseeable future. Like you said, Oasis can take care of this themselves.
  12. Pfft. NAPs for the win :-). Like you said, those who really want war will find ways around it. The rest can enjoy some Farmville time -.-
  13. Assuming you're talking about Immortals, that's not how I'd put it. It's more like- KT pesters Immortals long enough to get Immortals to declare war on KT. War is now in full swing- Immortals offers a peace, probably with the understanding that KT will henceforth stop pestering KT. KT makes it out like Immortals are weak, when the truth is Immortals is pounding them hard and apparently having fun doing it. The way I see it, Tyrion plays the long game. Sure, it's fun now, but eventually it'll get dull- why wait until that point? But some people like waiting until that point, and the
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