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  1. Don't pay attention to him Pedata, he just wants you to get flamed :-p.
  2. Lol :-p. Or maybe it's just something to do. Honestly, I think it'd be nice if we had other possible objectives. Like maybe nations start getting coastal floods due to global warming and they need to work with other nations (and maybe even other Alliances and Blocs) on building walls to stop the flooding or something -.-
  3. Not so long ago, yes, your Bloc's allies...
  4. You, me and FREE DEBATE I guess, lol :-p.
  5. Heard someone playing this today, got stuck in my head...
  6. Im37 (Rose) made it briefly into the top 25 on Day 1, but by the end of Day 2, he was out. El Dorado (TFP) started out in 3rd place, but by Day 3, he was also out. Rose has more of a presence in the second time lapse, the one with Oasis/Rose/Mystery Inc only. The only other non Hollywood player to make it to the top 25 was Cocania (KT), who made his debut on Day 12 and got into the top 10 by Day 18, where he stayed until the end. I think the timelapse makes it absolutely clear that even -with- 1 1/2 spheres jumping in to help Rose Sphere, Hollywood was still dog piling at the top. Rose does have a significant presence in the second timelapse that excludes Hollywood though.
  7. There are more ways to fight a war than duking it out with armies.
  8. All I know is that Hollywood dominated the upper tier and this may have cascaded downwards. As I said, I'm no expert on this, was just going by what I heard. Pretty sad when you take what I did and generalize it for an entire coalition -.- In a previous Alliance and Global I was in, targets were presented as good candidates and I attacked them.
  9. I'm only stating what I and others suspect. I'm not saying I've done a detailed study on the matter. Another point, being able to pin down the top tier can have a cascading effect all the way down. I certainly don't like wars, but in point of fact, no one asked me to attack anyone while I was in Mystery Inc. I did engage in some spy assassinations upon request though.
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