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  1. Well, I'm not High Gov, so I wasn't able to see what was happening at "The Summit", but I was very happy that I was able to do a little side diplomacy, minor though it may have been. I think Dave might be the first to admit that he made some mistakes, I know I did. Hopefully we'll do the diplomacy better next time around.
  2. Maybe, I'm in a Delta Alliance after all, but I think that'll be on Discord only :-p.
  3. I'd like to thank Dave and zig both, for letting me be me. I may not do things the conventional way, and I'm the first to admit that I make mistakes sometimes, but I have my moments :-).
  4. I'm sure he just meant hardcore gaming vs softcore gaming, right Xaria?
  5. Make a checkbox to remove expired wars in Alliance wars.
  6. Hey Andreius :-). I don't drink alcohol, but tea would be fine, thanks :-).
  7. And here I was trying to be nice to you. Lesson learned.
  8. Ok, it just seemed like Changeup may have had a bit of a point in terms of how Delta dealt with him. I'm in Delta too by the way, Junior FA in Soldiers of Liberty
  9. Methinks Nelo knows or suspects they messed up a tad with Changeup and his Alliance and is trying to patch things up in his own way.
  10. Also agreed. Would be nice to have the Orbis equivalent of an automatic interac payment between friends :-p. The biggest downside of the trade thing is that you have to wait for your friend to log in to accept it.
  11. I agree, 100% realism would be super dull. But -some- extra realism could add a bit of dynamism to the game I think. You also make a very good point regarding other types of power plants. Put simply, in this game, nothing even comes close to Nuclear Power- a single slot, uses very little uranium, and 0 pollution. In real life, that's just not the case and I think having something to acknowledge that in game could also make make other options more attractive. I completely agree that if you're running a commerce build, pollution is important. However, if you're not, it's almost irrel
  12. I'm hoping we could have some more realism in some game mechanics. Some ideas: 1- Pretty much everyone has nuclear power. Where is all the nuclear waste? 2- Pollution seems to have very negligible effects. Populations don't like it and are somewhat reduced because of it, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference otherwise. I speak as someone who has tons of it, precisely because the effects seem to be so minimal while the monetary rewards for disregarding it seem fairly substantial. In the real world, those effects aren't minimal. Pollution also contributes to gl
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