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  1. Salty isn't the right word here. To me, the whole thing was just an extension of my disagreements with Hime in the Forums. Thought I'd say something about them that I liked, namely our mutual love of anime, and see if that could help calm the waters between us a bit. It was an attempt at peace.
  2. The difference between one's nation and one's character/conduct can get kind of blurry. This was also true in the case of my appeal to Hime Same. His nation attacked me, but I was talking about the reasoning behind his attack, which had to do with our disagreements in the Orbis Central forum. Honestly, for people who are interested, responding here instead of Orbis Central shouldn't be a big deal for either thread. Having such threads removed entirely is another matter.
  3. No- if someone doesn't respond to a DM, it's hard to say why. Since my relationship with Hime isn't good to start with, I thought it'd be better to just write an appeal to him, as was done with me here. You had no objections when Roberts did one for me- why the double standard?
  4. Thanks Akuryo, I think you're great too ;-).
  5. I meant that waging war here is the dull part- click, click, "utter failure", "triumph", etc. The interesting part is in how we got here and the ongoing negotiations to get out of it.
  6. I do actually know a few things. I also clearly made some mistakes. But I'm hardly alone on that count. A lot of people here think they know a -lot- of things that I've questioned. Perhaps what most irritates people here is not my lack of knowledge but rather that I question whether what they think they know is actually true.
  7. Come now epstein, don't be so mean. We were all newbies once :-).
  8. A new voice :-). Gotta love those new voices, am I right ;-)?
  9. Glad you asked :-). I've come up with some tentative conclusions in the following thread: This is why we can't have nice things -.-
  10. I, like you, came in to this forum not knowing certain things. This got a fair amount of people to be upset with me. I think I've learned some since then, though a fair amount of people are still upset with me. That being said, I find the conversations in here infinitely more interesting than the war itself. The war is pretty much a bunch of clicks. Here we can talk about why it's happening and what we can do to stop it. One thing, by the way- I think most would agree that asking the other side to surrender isn't helping. I think the only way out of this one is to take a step back
  11. Aw c'mon Shiho, war is boring, we're much more entertaining :-p.
  12. Alright, from everything I've heard of IQ, I can't defend them, but perhaps he didn't know them that well. Anyway, I think his main points were good :-).
  13. So he did. We all make mistakes. I think his main points were good though.
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