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  1. I cant tell if your being sarcastic or not, The Amarr Empire, A former top 40 AA.
  2. I dont really think you realise he was the head of the amarrian raiding department Its not fully anarchic, i have multiple screenshots with him telling me to do things, and me giving him advise. plus were both milcom trained,
  3. I am a part of the Micro he’s talking about, we do still have limits, that won’t change and never will, however he is correct, you could max you military for protection but never gain, or you could just let yourself get shredded to bits...
  4. Im ok with this being the state of PnW lol
  5. Its not like im in the wrong here, and have a crack mate idc, its not like yall will profit
  6. Best wishes to you to, i did not know of a joining bonus and henceforth saw this as bribery/poaching
  7. I also recognise that we had a misunderstanding, the way you worded made it sound like you were bribing them to join your alliance.
  8. The way you worded you trying to get get them to join sounded very like bribery, and he told you he had previous experience in the game and he played a few years ago, THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. Plus you literally stole our head FA when your alliance was formed, I applaud you for running your whole alliance, but seeing as you stole our head FA a while back then tried to get our prot to merge with you, we saw this as poaching.
  9. I look forward to many more years with the rest of amarr (and allies)
  10. Looking forward to working with yall at Rohirrim
  11. Guys Do you not see, this is the most important post ever!
  12. What are you gonna do about it im already slotted
  13. Congrats to one of the best alliances in P&W
  14. You have angered the empire Prepared to get fricked up the butt by a syffeletic grizzly bear
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