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  1. purrfection /ᐠ=ᆽ≠ ᐟ \∫
  2. Do you? Do you know how they behave internally? You an applicant afterall. A couple of months ago, the coalition chat that NPO is a part of, got leaked, i don't mean a couple of sceenshort of comments. But script showing over 30.000 different comments, and a bit later another script got leaked showing an additonal 10.000 comments. I was one of the people that went throught the 30.000 one, even thought, because of it size, it was devided up amoung several of us. But what i saw of interaction between different gov members in that was enough to see how NPO threated their allies. (without even mention the attacking of said allies ingame) and if that is any indication of how they threat their members i would stay far away from there.
  3. Welcome to the game! Well by your build i doubt i will be seeing you at my alliance anytime soon. But i see you haven't picked totally wrong, the immortals are a good starter alliance. Just know, that over time you going be paying quite alot more then the 5 million sign up bonus. If you okay with that you should probably just show up on their discord to get accepted. A bit of warning thought, the game is in middle of global war, and i would advice you in getting a couple more military improvements, and stay away from NPO, it is not a good place to be at the moment.
  4. The following nation https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177035 make use of the word "Gypsy" in their nation name, a racial slur target against the Romani people. The Romani people is an ethnic groups that saw half of it's european population exterminated doing the Holocaust. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_genocide
  5. Your voice is kinda pointless in the current American political system. Which will most likely stay that way, as neither of the two parties that matters, have any interest in starting reforms to transform your nation into using a multi party system, that most of democratic world is using.
  6. Narh, it wouldn't be fair for the rest of the game if we coordinated. Afterall it seem it take an average 7 goons members to defeat 1 Arrgh member. Can you imagine dealing with two of us on the same time? *shudder* terrifying.
  7. So people would have to think about what battle to priorities or try to find a way to calculate the least amount of troops needed to win a fight?
  8. “A small town is clinging along the coastline of the great ocean of Orbis. A town that at one time can be called old and at one time young. Filled with houses that seem older than the town, with inhabitants older than both. The well-walked roads laid quiet. The only sound being heard was coming from the cold howls of the December wind. The town looked as if it was dead, the only sign of life coming from the few rays of gleaming light that escaped from behind the well-boarded shutters. The inhabitants were all holed up inside their homes, peacefully sleeping in their beds. If anyone in the town had dared to brave the elements and had looked towards the horizon of the sea, they might have been able to just make out the outline of a ship. If the moonlight had hit it just right, they would surely have noticed that it was unmistakably heading directly towards them. But, as it was, the town laid quiet, as torn up sails slowly moved the dark ship ever closer. At daybreak, the first rays of sunlight illuminated the worn hull of the ship; clear signs of past repairs littered the darkwood that made up the frame of the ship. Every crew member, past or present, seemed to have added their own touch to the old ship. Pirates independent and free. Battle-hardened beyond belief. Only few of them were there, when the ship set sail for the first time, even fewer can still remember the beginning of those travels, all those year ago, when the ship was still unscarred from battle. As the ship got ever closer to the town, dozens upon dozens of muzzles became visible, as cannons got pushed out the gun port, to the sounds of hard commands from the officers on board, and eager yells from the men, as the ship lined up it broadside. One might have been fooled into thinking that the cannons would have been as worn out as the ship appeared. But no, the sun shined of them like they were new, they looked like they were forged only hours ago. Suddenly, a series of muzzle flashes appeared from the cannons. With a deafening bang, the cannonballs ripped into the town’s buildings. As the town's inhabitants awoke to the screams and explosions, a blue-bearded captain turned over in his bed, mumbling about the noise that early in the morning.” ~ From the memoirs of an unknown sea-traveller It has been 5 years since the first time Jolly Roger was raised over The Freebooting Pirate Anarchy of Arrgh! At that time, a crew of degenerates, criminals, thieves and warriors, led by the gentleman-pirate Ogaden, decided to sail the seven seas in search for booty, new exotic pleasures and glory! Since then, hundreds of pirates have passed from this warmongering alliance. Some of them acquired mythical treasures and retired in other, more peaceful places of the world. Some others never stopped raiding, even if that meant that they would never have it easy and all the Doubloons they would earn from a successful raid would just be used to cover the costs of a less profitable one. Some others just stayed on-board only for a few weeks or even days, before realising that they were not cut for the pirate life All of them though left a part of their body and mind on the Arrgh ship (thus the missing eyes, hands and legs). And many of them got in their turn a part of the ship in them. After 5 years of almost constant warfare and raiding, 60 different alliance wars (at least that many can be remembered by the pirates staying semi-sober every now and then), and 9 different generations of Arrgh admiralty, the merry pirate ship is still sailing all around Orbis, with its pirates keeping their chin up high and their flags even higher. And while Arrgh is far from old enough to drink (then again, Arrgh! has never been much for rules, like the legal drinking age), as Ogaden would have said: “So here's to you, old girl, I raise my glass of rum and salute the Black Jack!” Arrgh!
  9. Anything else you wanna add to nerf the raider/pirate playstyle out of the game, while you at it? We have already been getting nerfed in nearly every update as it is. We really don't need war weariness to be thing aswell, because your side don't believe our side is deleting fast enough. All what that would do is discourage wars from being declared, not fixs the broken war system.
  10. But all the rules Robert suggested was to prevent players from setting them up others for game ending events, that you are against. Some screwing is expected, specially if their competion over the same territory. And while it easy to amass power, personally i normally go from count to king in one or two generation, RNG have a far greater effect on the outcome in CK2, you can hit game over extremely fast, with just a few wrong events. My previous game in after the end, i had a dynasti of 300 people, be cut down to 25, in less then 5 years.
  11. You don't have a lot of friends i take it. Unlike the other Paradox titles, in CK2 it so easy to screw over other players(even thought in Victoria 2 one can crash the world economy, but atleast that take effort) Specially in the first start of the game, when people don't have alot of heirs. With a bit of luck you can cause a gameover within a few minutes after the start of the game. It why "an heir and a spare" rule, have been adopted by every organzied community for multiplayers in ck2. You need some bacis rules to make MP last long enough to be worth the set up time. Else you might aswell be playing alone. Which is something you do seem to prefer.
  12. https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/26760-kerchtogg-coalition-announcement-on-peace/ https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/26759-yndicate-coalition-announcement-on-peace/ This Ain't It, Chief. I would really suggest you go read some of the logs that George leaked, they kinda been posted all over the forum. It is confirmed that your goverment is purposefully dragging out peace talks, you can afterall find germs like this one: https://pastebin.com/5CTuVwqG And this one https://pastebin.com/Cd9uPEh5 They where on the first page i looked at. There is quite alot more that have been posted.
  13. Zim

    Game Dark Mode

    You have just missed it. First click on edit nation Then account settings And finally theme imghost
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