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  1. They never do. The political situation change faster than the time it take to make these. I am always amazed how quick Ripper was able to get them out, but it also easy to understand why he stopped making them.
  2. Comic 2: How Pirates win wars
  3. Zim

    Nazi flag

    @Alex have a nation to report https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=173692
  4. You can by winning a war, against nations that have stockpile of said resources. Else you can possible go to your alliance and request grants or loans.
  5. Welcome. Well BK should be able to teach you what you need to know. But you should probably get of Blitzkrieg, it dosen't do what you think it does.
  6. And most of them is going leave the game together.... They going inactive in huge numbers. out of 450 members, only 150 made it past 6 point in score. NPO will probably just end up with little sister alliance at around 50-75 members, when the inactives starts gething deleted.
  7. Zim

    Fix Your Damn Game

    Yeah also just lost a war, for being stock for 20 minutes at Error 524. It's gething quite hard to conduct warfare.
  8. Oh born Danish and raised American then? Kan du tale dansk?
  9. Well the difference between retired and "deadbeat protectorates, and pixel huggers" as you call them is, that retired already have done alot of both their original alliance, and the game as a whole. They invisted time, energy and money, over several years. Asking them to go on VM, afterall they have done for game, just because they not able to be as active as they where in the past, is outright cruel. They have fought their wars, Yarr and by extension Swagrr is made up of mainly former high ranking Arrgh members. The alliance that have without a doubt, taken a part in more wars then any other alliance. Who's normal playstyle can admittedly be exhausting in the long run. Even so if they able to become more active again, they often either rejoin Arrgh, join Grumpy, or end up as alliance leader of some other alliance. My guess is, other alliances retirement homes, work much the same, else they just stay around as half-inactive whales. But back to treaties. Treaties being used as a casus belli, is nothing new: "Few people seem to realize that treaties themselves have significant downsides which erode your sovereignty, earn you enemies and makes you a target for wars, the exact things that treaties are supposed to protect you from." As said by Ogaden in 2015. It's explain Arrgh stand on treaties, why we choose not just to be, but stay as a paperless alliance.
  10. By the way, are you really danish? Because i have already been bombed out by a guy called Socialist Denmark, who wasen't actually danish.
  11. Why do you have that? 🤔
  12. Narh they didn't @Frawley , have you never seen the video clip? The man was never caught, while he have become a symbol for the fight against chinese oppression.
  13. Zim

    Really NPO

    Well @Avakael it quite clear by the screen shot above you, that NPO have no intreast in lething these people play the game.
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