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  1. Also just for the record alex. The german airforce of today is still named the Luftwaffe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Air_Force It was not exclusive used by Nazi Germany as the Wehrmacht was. Just keep something to keep in mind if you ever see Luftwaffe used together with Bundeswehr, then it probably someone roleplaying as modern day Germany.
  2. You should be able to click on ressource bar atop of your sceen. That will transport you to trade sceen, that depends on what ressource you cliked on. Else you can also click on the trade button out on the side, or scoll down menu if you using a phone, listed under nation. Both of these methods will take you to this link: https://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=26&display=world Were you can specify what you want to do. Like which ressource and if you want to buy or sell from the market directly. You will also be able to see a button called "Create offer" That get you to this page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/trade/create/ Were you should be able to post your own sell and buy offers. That you need to fill out with with what you want to buy/sell and for what price. After you click either buy or sell offer, you should get a pop up, that give you details of what you typed in, and then you should be able to go ahead an accept it.
  3. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=20670 Ruler Name: Patrick Stewart Nature of Violation: While i rather appreciate the humor behind this rather bipolar messaging, i should really do without the insult involving my mother.
  4. Come protect your claim @Frezasan What moon excisting, conspiracy is the truth here?
  5. How long does it take to rebuild to full strenght? roughtly a week is the answer. Or in other words atleast 15 wars i will have declared. Funnily enough wars destroy units, infact they destroy alot of units. So many get blowned up against so called "weaker people", that i haven't been at full strenght since January. No it isen't. How many 40 cities nations excist in this game? how many 35 cities nations? how many 30 cities nations? 25, 20, 15, 10... You don't need to know the precise numbers, to know that the number of nation increases the lower in cities you goes. If it wasen't the case, the game would have some very big problems. Smaller tiers will always have a numerical superiority in this game. You can see it yourself here. https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=5 The only outlier is 10 cities, because of the purposely catch up mechanics Alex have put into the game. So the lower you goes, the more likely is it you can get back up. Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. A country were the majority of it population most used forms of transportation is pulled by an animal. It have succesfully fought off the Soviet Union after a ten year campaign and currently fighting against the USA in a conflict that is nearing it twentied year. When a nation no longer have anything left to destroy, it becomes extremely resilient. It not it being easier to fight, often it is not, quite the opposite in fact. It simply about the cost of war get cheaper. And it is great, it give still an ablitiy to fight, when ones nations is being circle beiged, or other similar stuff. Which otherwise would drive an ever larger procenties out of the game, then it already does. I don't know if you had time to experience that doing the war? But for us that fought on basely the "losing" side, for 8 months when fighting against an enemy who was trying to get players to delete, this was a life line that keeped the war going for many. So you prefer that wars is decided by who have the bigger stockpile of stuff? Sounds both very boring and very expensive. Ships and tanks have their uses, they aren't useless. When both are (Tanks more then ships) weapons of circumstances, and can be used with extreme success when deployed in the right circumstances. It called strategi, being mindful of ones nation score add an extra layer to that, and provide on with choices. Like if you were actually *playing* the game. Why? Why do you believe that? Why do you believe you can tell other people how they should play? Actually the question "why" is something i would like you to answer to most of your statement, you don't really come with anything to prove or back up your belief. You just say them. I have lost 5 times the infra you have lost. To not even talk about the profit i haven't gained from production and commence by keeping my infra low. It take more time, to build up between conflict so you can have less wars. It cost more in millitary units, and infra for us to. Higher risk of it turning not turning it a profit. We know our trade. Mate, i don't think you know how alliance wars work in the slightest, only one alliance peace out because of economics in the last war. Alliance prefered going into debt. and who you might be put against. NPO was willing to cheat more ressource and profit into the game to keep the war going, as soon as that profit was cut off, made most of their allies peace out or delete outright. NPO goal was killing it opponents and it did everything in it's power to achieve that. And the part about heavily increase unit related war costs, yeah that is farming it promote nothing else. It will punish every other playstyle. No it won't, it will create longer periodes between great global wars, and make protectors more meaningless then they already are. As their protector will be even less likely to help them out.
  6. Mate my air is basely zeroed, even with ground control they have a small edge. But it true i have ground advantage. That they can find ways around it. It called strategy, one of the only things that keep the war system actually intreasting. That ones personal choices can have an effect on the war we fight. Why do you want me to stop being able to raid? With a depleted millitary i won't be able to fight evenly with people at my own city count. And fighting people with fewer cities, dosen't prevent them from winning. Nation is not meant to be destroyed in war to a point were they can't fight back. No matter how much you IQ remnants which that was true. What effect do you think this would have on people sithing on each others for months, hmm? Ah you sure you want that change when NPO is now gone? You don't seem have ever been beaten down for a periode. So how do you know that fewer cities nation is at a disadvantage, against bigger nations with destroyed militaries? When you have never been on either side of that conflict, hmm? Nations that buff themself up into score range of people with higher city count, also still need to be dealt with. That you have yet to adress a solution for. The score system is not there to prevent biggger nations from attacking smaller nations. But put ones nation up against other nations that is able to fight one effectly, in a one against one match up. Of course it rarely a one against match up, the fewer cities normaly have the advantages simply because there is more of them. You will heavily limited who can fight who, the higher up in city count you get. As there is simply fewer people around. The end result is not pretty. It will also basely become impossible to drag down whales. And they can keep producing. Meanwhile alliance that cram all their members into one tier would be strongly buffed by this. A thing they really don't need. No it a way to say that bigger nations can still play the game in other ways then farm simulator. The score system isen't there to prevent that again. It is there to match you up against equivalent nations. And it dosen't prevent people with more city, to lower their score to hit said nations. Nothing prevent as example you from dropping your score to come and hit me. So you can proctect the lower city nations... but no that take effort and cost your money... We shouldn't be punished because you unwilling to act against it, in game. So you try get moderated out instead. No they are true, just because Arrgh is more conscious about our expensive then rest of you dosen't mean we not aware of the cost. We avoid stuff that cost us money, with the playstyle we follow. You can do the same, if it so a big benefit why aren't you doing it? I already know the answer, it because there already excist draw backs to having low infra, and you don't think does drawbacks are worth the benefit, isen't that right? High infra come with drawbacks and benefits. It already is balanced to offer varity in game play, a thing you have yet to adress aswell. Just because you don't want play the game the same way you do, dosen't mean we should be prevented in playing the game at all. And actually Arrgh infra is on average between 700 and a 1000, and when we loses more of it then the average player, the cost still accumulate over time. We have lower infra, for just that reason. Don't you think i would love having 1600 infra, but the cost simply isen't worth it, because we lose said infra to often. Because of our playstyle we can't produce the same way other nations can. That is the cost you don't see, the incomst we missed because of productions. We play this game far more activily then most nations, it outright required to maintain yourself as a raider. And why i am here willing to write small essay as answers, rather then a few lines. The game is called politics and WAR, wars is meant to be fun, something people always can do. It not so you can sit on people on months on end. Nations should never be put in position were they can't fight back, that you seem to prefer. Do you really wanna be at back end of that? Your nation destroyed, circle beiging you over and over again. How long before you quit would you say? That is the cost of the change you wanna make, get it? And wars are expensive, they risk. and why we got out of way to do them the most cost efficent way as possible, like not fighting counters. If we believe the cost is more then what is gained. It a choise. One of the few meningfulls way you can do it in this game. No i mean revenge as in revenge. I know what a fricking counter is. Revenge is when a player seak to attack people who have defeated them in the past. Creating personal animosity, a thing that can make this game very toxic, very fast. That it is not to ones econmic benefit to do so, discourge revenge, and therefor toxicity in the game. Honestly that i had to explain this says alot.
  7. It not a loophole, the only reason they in range is because said nation is basely destroyed. And would be at a serius disadvantage when it come to air war. As an example, i am currently at war with 3 fighting pacifist members, that is countering me. They have on avarge 5 cities less then me. Each of them have around a 1000 planes, i just did a double buy and i got roughly 600 planes out of that deal. I am still at a disadvantage, simply because of low build time on planes. You can basely keep a nation down the same way you can drag down whales. On the other end of spectum you also have nations, that suck at nation score balancing (basely one of the only strategies you actually can have an effect on) and just max out tanks and ships. Bringing themself serverly out of range of their own tier level. I rather prefer that people stacking tanks, can be dealt with by people with more airpower, rather then having people invest in bunch of tanks of their own to smash into said tanks stacks. In short nation score keeps wars more dynamic, therefor creating funnier gameplay, for us people that actually start wars on the daily. And not actually make everything depend on who have the bigger numbers, a thing i am sure you will appreciate when you realize that the numbers is currently not on your side anymore. And in the current system it still possible for bigger nations to act as raiders. Because i rather prefer that even whales, like say Ripper can go full pirate if he want to. Rather then force him rerole his nation to do so. To your second point, on the prices of war, it still have a cost. The same buying stuff off the market can be expensive, same about blowing stuff up, and even cost of low infra accumulate over time. Infact if you look at scoreboard over what nations have lots the most infra, you notice that Arrgh current and former members is rather overrepresented. And we do disregard counters not because we have nothing to lose, but because it will cost us more to deal with them, then ignorering them. And that is freaking great thing, as it prevent people from gething to upity about revenge. For us war need to bring in money, because it way we supstain and grow ourselves. Low infra funnily enough come at cost of income. You should know there is other ways to play this game, then being a farmer, i rather try to exspand that list as much as possible, then try an destroy every other style of gameplay
  8. I know this would benefit you, at the cost of the rest of us. So it not your intreast to see why this is bad thing to do. But i try to explain it yet again, first there is a different between not having the infra in the first place, and having it, but it being destroyed. You can see that in real life, when you compare devolved and developing nations that have hit by natural disasters with one another. For a devolved nation it is far easier to get aid out, to remote regions that been hit, even when the infrastructure is destroyed, compared to a nation not having any infrastrucute to send aid out from. Do you know why? Because broken infrastructure is still better then no infrastructure. Just because you blew up a road to a mine, dosen't mean that the mine would stop operating. Because a broken road can still be used. Comparing that to place were there is no road, and there is no mine, is flawed. infrastructure is not a finite resource, like electricity. But we not here about realisme, we are here about gameplay and destroying ways one can play the game, because it "flawed" is not the way to go. I would rather prefer, that this game won't make it so that being a bloated whale isen't the only way to play. But please explain to me why it is flawed? What benefit does this have for the game play?
  9. It a genuine strategi to overload with improvement, at the cost of military strength over time, as one can't replace destroyed improvement without building up infra, that is the balance that excist. It risk and reward situation that offer some diverse ways to play a game, that is already fairly limited in options for different ways one can play. You need to consider the consequence of these changes, beside the effect on the games economic. And i rather prefer not to see changes that only benefit neutral whales. As does activily playing the game, like going to war, will suffer and depend higher on buying ressource, from the before mentioned neutral whales.
  10. Does sounds terrible. Increasing punishment for people with low infra is really not the way to go, if you want to fixs at war system. The global war didn't go on for 8 months, because the destroyed side didn't want to peace, it was the side doing the destroying that didn't want peace.
  11. Another neft for us raiders... Us with higher cities is already limited in raid options as it is. There is reason why most of Arrgh high cities is on soldiers only. Plus if you restrict it with cites, it would be harder for beat down nation to actually help with the war effort. Like this war, one of things that keeped ketog/chaos fighting for as long as they did was that people dragged should still do damage to less citied nation with double buys and tanks flashes. So one should still fight without planes. Planes will just become more OP as a result. @Prefontaine I would rather prefer if we should get a buff thrown our way, instead of usual nerfing that happens to us raiders, when the war system get an update. Make fortify restore resistance again. Make ships worth a darm, so they can shoot down planes, atleast when they get attacked. Increase the time inactive nations stay in the game, And make it so that a inactive nation require less stuff to keep their improvment going. I can also see a new type of infratry attack, were they steal a higher procenties, but do less damamge. So it an option when the enemy no longer have ground.
  12. @Mad MaxIt kinda hard to read your propaganda poster on night mode. Might wanna use another background or text color.
  13. @Mars do you know the story for this? and how authentic it is? Since Jazz is seeking comfort in your arms.
  14. Zim

    Take a break

    Trying to recreate Swindon? I appreciate your sadisme, but you still a few round abouts to short.
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