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  1. Zim

    Broken forum pip.

    Thanks, i let the others know.
  2. Zim

    Broken forum pip.

    @AlexWe tried, if the file is alone it's should animates just fine. If you click on it you can see it. But when it got upload, to a forum or discord it seems to get compressed into regular png file. Not sure how to fixs that. But a borken animtion is atleast still better then what we have now.
  3. Zim

    Broken forum pip.

    Hey @Alex we have decided to keep the old one for now. We might replace it on a later date thought. We are unsure when the other possible replacement will be done being made. It should have been converted to an animated PNG file, please message me if there is any problems with using it. Thanks for your time.
  4. Well since @MinesomeMC decided to bring back P&W Balls, in an attempt to earn a profit on it. We here at Arrgh shouldn't let him flex all over us like that, atleast without us gething a piece of the cake. So here is the frist, of hopefully several comics: Comic 1: Arrgh! recruitment poster
  5. Zim

    Broken forum pip.

    Thanks for hell of a lot @Alex i been looking all over for that pip, asked old members, former and otherwise about it, some of them looked thought the old Arrgh forum. it was basely only Ogaden i was waiting on word from at this point. I had practically given up. But i need a word with some of the other, before we decide what we going do. Some of them have alreadry started to work on a new one, and we might like to see it updated to our current flag. I send whatever we agree on to you. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Zim

    Broken forum pip.

    Thanks Alex, i try to see if i can find the old one. As it was before my time, it might be a bit difficult. If we can't find is it possible we can replace it by something else, or do we have to buy a new pip all together?
  7. Zim

    Broken forum pip.

    Arrgh forum pip, appears to be broken It have been so for some time, now. But when i try to open the pip, i get this http://politicsandwar.com/img/alliancepips/Arrgh!.png
  8. Zim

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Well this was hell to make, but it will be all worth it. If it helps BK believe in themselves.
  9. Zim


    I do, it's why i stockpiled food in the start of the war, and then i sell it when the prices hit the roof. Now if steel wasen't as expensive as it was, i might even turn a profit with my trades.
  10. Zim


    Just farm loot instead. What else is the harm, if we drop another couple of bombs?
  11. Zim

    This Global War Ruined Literally Everything

    @JesterTheSheepJust move to Antarctica, i have head you can still grow food there.
  12. Zim

    War Stats: Global War 14

    @Mitsuru why should Animation Domination be added? My impression was that they wanted to stay out of the war at all cost, because they got rolled by Arrgh, just a few days before the war broke out. The majority of their members should still be in beige.
  13. Zim

    Weather forecast

    Well you can always join Arrgh discord for memes, we got plenty.
  14. Zim

    Distress Call Received

    MinesomeMC have you regretted your decision yet? Or do you need a few more airstrikes to think it over?
  15. He went inactive, like last week. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=142925 When I raided him, he didn't even try to fight back.

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