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  1. More like BORE-RAGNAROK, Am i right guys?
  2. Let's hope for a long and enduring friendship! ( and maybe more )
  3. Type in this: Cannabis: A Mandatory Service: A Capital Punishment: C Secondary Education: A Prohibition: B Energy: A Assisted Suicide: A Same-Sex Marriage: B Unions: D Campaign Finance: A Speech: A Hard Drugs: B Spending: B Infant Circumcision: B Immigration: A Gun Rights: D Religion: D Healthcare: D Polygamist Marriage: B Taxes: A Torture: B Abortion: D Welfare: D
  4. May I be the first pirate of many to say: Arrgh!
  5. @MeteorJunkYou really don't need all that much food at your current size. You have a population of around 30.000, you should have daily food consumiton of around 30, so it will only cost you around 5500 money to keep your nation feed for a day. If you look under "Revenue" it should give you the exact number. So long you bellow a million people it should be fairly cheap to keep your population well feed. And as for ressources, people buy the cheapest even if there isen't much. The people living of trading will especially do this as they see it as undercutting. Basely a strategy where an
  6. [email protected] welcome to the game. And sorry about the radiation, a world war is currently ongoing(number 16th if you curius). Which mean that over a 100 nukes get fired a day at the moment. It leave the world a tiny bit radiated. But even without the radiation i wouldn't recommend a new nation to produce their own food. As you have very little land, and food production kinda depend on how much land you own. You are therefore better of mining any other raw ressource like coal, then selling your surplus on the market. Where after you can buy food, which is going be bit more expensive t
  7. Why in the world is this thread still ongoing? Just let your actions speak for you, it the only way to get throught does that don't learn from history. By the end we see who is right.
  8. Well this was an enjoyable read. But well a couple of newbie advice for you, since Pantheon kinda suck at tranning people, and just sucks in general. You need to stop producing food, you don't have enough land in your city for it to be worth it. You better of producing any other ressource like oil, and then selling that raw on the market, and then buying food from the market, you will earn quite alot more. Other then this try to max out your barracks in all your cities so you can get the most amount of troops you can have. If you have a nuclear power plant in your city, you don'
  9. It's automatic from youtubes side, here this explains it: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/three-ways-transcribe-youtube-videos/
  10. @Corpsman take your time, i didn't respond when you first posted it because i didn't have the time then either. I just saw a need to respond, when Zaxon's reminded me this excisited. And sorry if i came off as hostile, you know politics get one rilled up.
  11. Maybe it better to say that some things shouldn't be profit profitable, like healthcare. Let take USA as an example, they spend more of their GDP on healthcare then any other country, but still end up with worse service then Cuba. With both fewer beds per capita, fewer doctors per capita, and higher infrantry motality rate. And that is all the while the USA is spending twice the amount of money per. citizen as the best healthcare system on planet: France. Another example would be fire stations, the world first fire service was private owned. And worked on buiness model of "i see your hou
  12. It already is 50 as default, but the leaderboards still only show 10. While any changes to settings does seem to change the number of nations, alliances, bank and trade logs it hhave no effect on the leaderboards. Can you show us a sceenshort of the leaderboards showing more then 10 nations?
  13. Are you aware that youtube have function called "open transcript", you open it by clicking the 3 dots, there is on the same line as "share". It will provide the video in writting with time stamps.
  14. Zim


    It more because the approval system is kinda broken currently. It would need to be rewoked completly if you want it to have such an effect.
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