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  1. Basely what happaned is from 03:15 pm to 03:17 pm, the same nation was able to attack me with 2 airstrikes(8 MAPs) and 2 ground attacks(6 MAPs). How is this possible?
  2. Your problems seem to be more NPO focused, then general focused. If you believe war is the best thing about the game, then join an raiding alliance, like Arrgh. There even less extreme raiding alliance out there, that allow raiding of some alliances instead of mostly all, in peace time. This game have other play styles, if you getting bored in NPO then try another alliance(after the war). It not like we locked down in the first alliance we joined. Else try an alliance that have less taxes, so you have more economic freedom, that give you another field to play around with. Or you can try to become part of the goverment of an alliance, and i will guarantee you, that you will have more things to do, then you have time for.
  3. Check his nation activity: 10/22 03:32 pm - New Soviet left the alliance Typhon. And then a few hours later, he reapplied: 10/22 05:48 pm - New Soviet applied to join the alliance Typhon. But if you are not going accept him Zep, i hope you atleast have pm him about it. To many new players go inactive as applicants.
  4. Zim


    Oh no, it fell bellow 420. Time to upvote, instead of downvote boys.
  5. It is alright buddy, we where all new players at one time. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment, and trying different things. And you where just trying to help by sharring your build, that probably does give you a nice income. But the game is quite old, and there isen't to many option on how you can build a city. So all the metas, about the best city builds(depends on your playstyle) is alreadry well established. So unless alex where to change how the cities or war works, the simply dosen't allow one not to max out hangars in a city, without putting oneself at a severe disadvantages in wars, or raids. Even thought you being member of Typhon does luck you out from most raids.
  6. My god, Typhon has fallen far from it's roots. Are Zephyr no longer teaching his members? By the way, i would really suggest you to go away from coal and take up nuclear power. You waisting way to many improvements slots on coal. And you manufacturing is too centralized. You better of focusing on one type of manufacturing in one city. Always maxs out the number of Barracks and Hangars you have in a city aswell, don't leave a city empty of these. But you don't necessarily need to max out factories or drydocks. Even thought keeping atleast one drydock going is ideal. Your high infra alreadry put you at an military disadvantage, no reason to cripple yourself futher by not building hangars or barracks.
  7. Zim

    peace talks

    Stop making me question the intelligence of the average GOON member more than I already am. Aren't you from SomethingAwful? Why are you trying to lie about your reason to enter the war? for PR point? We know it bullshit, you know it's bullshit, so why bother? You getting as defensive as an SJW. Beside acting like a chinese version of NPO, aren't helping your reputation. Embrace your shittyness, make a meme out of yourself and you would be better of.
  8. Zim

    peace talks

    Aren't you zeroed? Your beige time is nearly over and you not even trying to rebuild. The GOONS hit 3 alliances on our side, before the coalition even acknowledge they where at war with them, no idea what you on about. If our coalition wasen't as passive as it was, the frist blitz would have been enough to pull them into the war, as Arrgh wanted. GPWC had several incidents, before they got involved where they acknowledged they where in the wrong, and even paid reparations for this. And their excuse for finally joining the war, was attacks from mirco meme alliance... that split of from Empyrea. So they hit a bunch of alliances not even treaty bound to Empyrea... make sense i suppose. Sacrificing the low tier? Mate i think you need to drop your score down, and get a reality check. Because all does 15-25 city guys you pressed out of the mid tier, where do you think they are?
  9. Zim

    peace talks

    It is kinda talk like this that make you lapped as liar. Is this your newest conspiracy theory? that our side, somehow made BK act like idiots, and got them to pull t$ into the war? Who clearly wasen't readry for a war. An alliance you still treaty bound to, by the way. It honestly seems extremely weird that neither of you two sides have started to dismantle that treaty. Beside t$, dosen't have numbers, to contest with your control of the mid tier, only Fark have that. The rumors was more in the direction that it would be Fark joining and not t$, Which is my guess why you got them to sign a DNR in the frist place. Beside that you are allied to t$, as i pointed out earlier. And they fought on side of BK, in the start of the war. It would have seen as improbable for t$ to join our side in the war, even just days before BK's attack on them.
  10. Zim

    peace talks

    If your terms where harmless, you would publicly them, so it would put pressure on the gov of war exhausted alliances to accept them. If your belief truly is that it is the pride individuals leaders, that cause the unwillingness to admit surrender, then that would be the way combat that. As you would be putting pressure on does leaders by their own alliance, that might even have them removed. That you not willing to state your terms is more sign for me , that your terms, is so harmful as they can be used as a reason to keep the war going for the KERCHTOG coalition. I can see why our side, aren't willing to surrender frist, and then get handed a Versaille treaty 0.2
  11. Zim

    peace talks

    I can't really see why IQ need to hear the words "we surrender" to enter negotiations. Is it only out of pride, ego, moral boast? Or is there something more to it? I can kinda get the impression that many of your terms are going be unacceptable, for most alliance to say the least. I can alreadry guess that one of your terms is going be 6-12 months DNR. Unacceptable long, and with BK and NPO both proven themself willing to break treaties on a whim, i can't see much reason for anyone to accept that. Else it maybe an attempt to split our coalition up, duing the followering negotations? So you can impose harsher terms on individuelle alliances, then you can on the coalition as a whole. And then afterward you can focus on alliances, that is unwilling to agree to what is without a doubt ridiculous terms, maybe you even give terms you know won't get accepted, on some alliances. So you have an excuse to keep rolling them, cough TKR cough... Until they either die, or agree to your out there terms. But to be fair, since BK attack on t$, i haven't seen the greatest need to surrender, on this side of Christmas. Maybe we can reach peace in the new year?
  12. The Knight Templars isen't responsible for the Crusades, i take it you didn't actually read the wiki articles you posted? The frist Crusade was started in the year 1096, the Knight Templars was frist founded twenty years later, in 1119. And you are also ignoring the fact the Crusades wasen't offensives in nature, they where counter offensives. Launched to hault the muslim invasions of the Orthodox Christian, Byzantine Empire, that had been losing land to invading muslims since the 7th century. The Crusades was a respond to 4 centuries of muslim invasions of christian land. Here among the region of Levant, that you would better know as the Holy Land. But this wasen't the only region of former christian land they wanted to retake. The Byzatine Empire was able recover Anatolia, modern day Turkey from them, with the helps of the crusades. But the Byzantine Empire would eventual fall to the invasion of the Muslim turks, Constantinople, the greatest city on Earth finally fell in 1453, the battle where last Roman emperor would die fighting. When the Ottomans brought their new cannons to bear on the cities walls, that had stood for over a thousands years. The muslim invasions of Europe was frist finally ended in 1683, at the gates of Vienna. The goals of the Crusades was justified, from the Reconquista of Spain to attempt at retaking Levant and the other lost territory in Asia. Even the butchery that 4 Crusade ended up being, had started out on grounds to strengthen the Byzantiums, so they would be in a better position to retake and hold Jerusalem. And the Church took responsible for that, where the pope excommunicated the entire crusader army. It is only the Northern Crusades that wasen't justified, that was mainly used as an excuse to take over land and trade routes. And funny enough the Knight Templars didn't take part in it.
  13. Zim


    "net damage", Not in "damage". you have only done in total, the alliance holding the 20 spot in actually damage: Acadia have done You see a little different in output there?
  14. Ah yes, the frist thing I return to on the forum, is, of course, somebody correcting my grammar... If you feel the need to rely on semantics and spellings, it signifies your lack of reasoning to put up a proper argument. Do i need to remind you that you are on internet? You know the relative casual place, where people lock on after a long day of work, where lazy people try to write as many words in as few letters as possible, and the place where you can meet people who have english as second, third or fourth language. The place where trying to win an augment by correcting gramma is a meme. You aren't writing a term paper, so grow up you literally child. And i mean child, because i can't see how anyone who saw does bodies be carried out, should find your alliance in any shape or form for okay. I have convinced myself that the only reason @Alex has allowed your abomination of an alliance to exist is out of sheer ignorance. He dosen't even allow us to use the f-word on here. But he let you use theme that might aswell have been based on 9/11, using a frontpage picture of one of the people who jumped from the burning towers, or based of sandy hook, while your front picture being an actually class photo. You have no idea of the cult, who's name using, are you? You aren't mocking it. You are giving it publicity, and of the kind that their leader would approve off, who i am not even going dignify with saying his name. I mean i am sure you already know it right? Without having to look it up, right? Do you know the basis of who's name you trying to use at all? Your alliance leader is even sprinkling the ideology of heavens gate into his messages. All the while i find it amazing i have to tell you different between an army group and a death cult. But the main thing that is relevant here, is the outlook of the victims, how do you think a mother who lost her daughter to a cult, would react to mockery of the cult, the very same her daughter joined willingly. To that of mother who had her daughter gunned down by an enemy soldier? How would she react to mockery of the army who killed her daughter? Grow up. Stop the mockery of the death.
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