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  1. >game is boring orbis dying >"NOOO STOP HAVING DRAMA ITS ANNOYING" Come on guys. This drama is fun and I wish more people would make more posts about whatever stupid crap is going on.
  2. Attacking the protectorate of an alliance you have an NAP with is 1. Distasteful & Scummy 2. Borderline abuse as protector cannot perform it's biggest job. 3. Definitely a violation of an NAP.
  3. In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.. and sometimes peace when its cool I guess. Gotta build an economy to pay the imperial tithe.
  4. warhammer40k-horus-heresy.mp4 Glorious war for the Master of Mankind!!
  5. The Emperor Protects! Death to the xenos and especially those weird elephant things, they freak me out.
  6. Congratulations! Your lot have always been fantastic people.
  7. I like being able to build alliance wide-projects. I hear you cry "But Hemlock! That would ruin balance between alliances!!!" Alas, I say "Is balance already non-existent due to simple tiering?".
  8. "If you want to learn more about alliances we have a module in the tutorial that goes into detail. If you skip to that part don’t forget to come back and complete this module! If you want to complete this..." you should probably change "we" to "there is a module later in this tutorial that goes into further detail..." This is nitpicky ofc but I feel that tone is important. In a game tutorial you typically do not want to refer to the authors of the tutorial in explaining it because it can cause confusion or otherwise break "immersion". I'll post some more examples when I have the chance of little edits. Overall the tutorial is very good and I 100% agree about making it too in-depth. Part of the game is learning. Mechanics should be learned, scenarios constructed around using those mechanics created, and vital information conveyed naturally, but they need to learn how to play themselves. The big failing of the current tutorial is that it doesn't convey the systems that the game operates under at all. Opportunity Cost and Return on Investment aren't mentioned so players don't think about it. Infra scaling isn't talked about. Farming is encouraged yet the mechanics are not explained. Etc. You're hitting a lot of the bases on introducing things AND not keeping vital mechanics hidden under a wiki somewhere.
  9. Imo most of the proposed changes around new players are pretty good except the raiding changes Inactives should not be opened up. Raiding works fine now It's a give and take You give up passive income so that you can make more money You give up more money, so you have higher passive income It allows different play styles to be efficient depending on the amount a player wants to engage with the game. Opening up raiding destroys that system entirely and also heavily nerfs raiding for the same reason why raiding at c10-15 is inefficient. Over saturation. If players don't want to delay gratification for more growth in the future then they can join an alliance that doesn't have a program that does that. More engaged players that also are generally of higher patience and understanding of the game's mechanics are fine with raiding inactives, it's more fun than passive income generation and lower c-levels are a wild-west where interesting things are allowed to happen. Nothing mechanically stops raiding at c15. In fact, you can make almost as much money at that level too if you're lucky and willing to do dangerous things. The problem is that the demand exceeds the supply of raid targets. The solution to this isn't to change war mechanics and cater to one play style over the other. It's okay that there isn't a perfect equality between player incomes and new player experiences. *Adding I think npc nations are a great idea to address inability to raid or regularily engage with war mechanics without overriding existing mechanics.
  10. You should not have them bring their infrastructure to 1000. Bring it to about 500, have a small raiding build for them, and show them to use the @### tool. Needs polishing. The tutorial should have less personality and be more straightforward. Try proof reading it further to make it as concise, descriptive, and easy to follow as possible. Following that, you should teach them specifically about opportunity cost and use examples. Explaining why farming isn't viable using actual numbers for what the tutorial nation template is would be way better than just saying "farms bad". So on and so forth.
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