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  1. He's implying, make it so whales can smash people using baseball as a means to counter whales.
  2. Exactly this. There should be no reason for people to dodge war using VM. I'm moving across the U.S. via driving. I went into VM after I was beiged and people stopped declaring/attacking me. Now my travel plans got delayed being rained out and my VM is about to run out. I'm tempted to go back into it again so I can settle down after the move. That's an entire month, so an extra week at least. Having that be longer would be crazy. Now I have a few more days to finish packing, rearranging, and reloading everything up. I take breaks in between all this, but I don't really have the time t
  3. Why? What will be the ramifications? Is this balanced?
  4. I think it's extremely strategic to raise taxes on entertainment goods likes sports and heavily promote it for economical and morale reasons among civilian populations in both peace time and war. Since every nation already promotes procreation (possibly even cloning!), to refield troops and engineering plus labour, as a strategy to keep the potential war machine well oiled. I don't see any issue for sports.
  5. If you dedicate time to playing baseball, by the time they catch up to you, you'll still be ahead with those billions of hard cold cash you get from playing it
  6. >Pretty sure I saw one person already literally saying "I'll quit donating if feature I hate isn't removed" >A button size apparently is some crazy hacking problem >Whales salty they can't utterly repress the proles and their sycophants agree. It's a fun little side game that newer players, excluding GPWC because ridiculous numbers, and existing players enjoy on the side. The feature really isn't even the issue here. Apologies if some of us like a little cool off fun on the side of waiting on turns to roll through. I don't really care if the game is nerfed further to be ho
  7. Hwa Sa - Twithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu1KvQDDOog
  8. Blockading doesn't even make sense for an argument. Maybe if a nation was eating a ton of nukes, missiles, and/or air bombings. At best people in port cities would be hiding in shelters from ocean bombardment. A navy surrounding a nation wouldn't stop the people in the nation from working and going to entertainment. Cities usually hike up tax rates to pay for stadiums being built and such so sports teams use them, which then people go to, it increases economical commerce in that region if it's popular, which then leads to gains from taxing. In this case you can assume the nation itself is the
  9. Technically Psy, hella years ago. But from a random posted video in terms of now times.
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