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  1. Following attacks on The Originals by members of Unforgiven Legion and confirmation by UA that UL is also participating in this excursion, The Originals also declares war on UL. May the Queen have mercy on their souls.
  2. "My Queen! My Queen!" A soldier bursts into the throne room and throws himself unto the ground. "The armies of men have crossed the river." There is silence. Nothing moves in the realm. It started as a feeling. And then a faint whisper. We all felt it. The rage. The blood in her eyes. As the old saying goes: "Vengeance is Mine!" "So, they have broken their protectorate's truce." A smile creeps across her face. "Sister!" Kill Them All The Originals hereby declares war on The United Armies following t
  3. To those whom it concerns. Do note that while this is a public post, it's only meant for a few people. All others just ignore. The Red Roses Int. has been launched. R.R.I. has been met with astounding success and will continue to run until the end of the year. During the course of its operation, all parties are to expect further development to exceed estimates made prior to launch. All other parties to be involved in this policy change will be notified within the next 72 hours. To the following personnel, this is your 24hr notice p
  4. Funny enough, thats the same wealth all these top 50 alliances are trying to take. So who is poorer? Us who got no money. Or those who try to steel such small amounts of money. *glances at TMC and friends.
  5. did u miss the whole point where I said we can afford to lose? Also. Akuryo may have max planes. He has still to immensely win an air attack. So yes, I still stand by my point that I see no losses for me and my kin. Unless u r telling me he plans to keep on attacking for the rest of his life. Sure others may attack. Never said they won't. But the difference is, long after they have risen and fallen. We will still be here. Even if we r down to just a few souls. We will be here. Even if all we can do in the end is piss u all off to the point u quit. We will still be here. Remember it.
  6. I do love it when Akuryo tries to act big and yet he, even with the assistance of 3 other players, is still losing his war against our most noble Queen. North Point will never rise to the occasion. You may win the next round of battles but the fact that you lost at all, with all the odds in ur favor, just proves that you are even less of a good player than even I claim to be. Now sure, our alliance may be broke. We may lose many wars. But the fact of the matter is. We can afford to lose. The question is, can you?
  7. lol she didn't. And she also didn't try getting a surrender from UA. UA was the one who asked about it in the first place.
  8. Following the 'Removal' of @Rebekah Mikaelson from The Originals. The following changes will be undergone: The Originals accepts Empyrea's peace offer. Terms of this peace offer are - "The Originals must publicly surrender on the forums to Empyrea." Whilst @Rebekah Mikaelson is no longer apart of The Originals. Any and all attacks on her will be seen as an attack on The Originals. All current wars with Empyrea will be allowed to run out as stated in the peace offer. Should any new wars be declared on TO by Empyrea, this surrender will be nullified and TO wil
  9. When the clock struck twelve, The people charged in. With spears and pitchforks and swords, All manner of pointy things. By the time it struck two, The Queen's Guard's were dead. The people charged into her room only to notice that she had fled. The clock struck three. Into the woods she did flee. With a hundred blood thirsty mammals, Chasing after REEE!!! The Clock struck four! The Queen is dead! The people rejoice and shout for joy! For the Queen is dead! The Originals
  10. Make this easy for everyone. Interstellar is now being protected by The Originals. Good day ?
  11. lol im not ex-Pantheon. However I quite remember it being the opposite. They and all the others who claimed to be Pantheons allies dropped them literally moments before it got blitzed. Now I'm not saying t$ never helped em in the past but this is what I call justice. Blood for Blood. Let them bleed.
  12. Sorry in advance if my language is rated PG. But I just can't keep it quiet. A couple months ago t$ dumped Pantheon for NPO. Pantheon, who even through its problems, always stuck by their side. Now look at t$. Where's your new buddies now you c&%@@#$%@# They say Karma is a b%$th. Now look at you. BBBBUUUUUUURRRRRRRRNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, like I said. I'm sorry if my language is too PG for you. I will try to keep it rated E next time.
  13. Declares its Existence. Yes, this is short and elegant. Nothing to see here. Move along. Protected by: And All its friends too. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6238 https://discord.gg/7qeHMTz
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