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    This is Shifty bringing in some news like the new guy at the office brings donuts to kiss ass on his first day Our top story today: Alpha is alpha af How did tS's old punching bag and Partisan's door mat become such a mean mother? Years of abuse, neglect, and antagonism. If Placentica tells you not to login to P/W tomorrow, you better believe it and run. RIP Oblivion. Literally the only thing that can save them now is TGH who's apparently switched to a 5/5/5/3 build. Could Buorhann be setting out to save his bois? Saving Private Ockey, coming soon to theatres near you.
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    So we have P/W on your favorite browser Then we got P/W on the Apple App Store and Google Android Apps Now I've heard about how the mobile apps are buggy/slow/glitchy which means that for us veteran players that go hard, it's the obvious choice for a challenge. Let's be honest, it's still not enough. That's why I'm suggesting that Alex make P/W available for TI-89 calculators. That would truly give new players a chance to catch up on the browser while we patricians handicap ourselves.
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    I can't be the only one here who has not clue what's going on.
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    This was a good stomping. It's a shame Placentica seems incapable of behaving like an adult when he would otherwise be viewed favourably. In the end the real casualty here was what remained of Placentica's reputation.
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    Oh dear, I can already see all the posts accusing me of being butthurt about the last war. Currently, all units (except one) are vulnerable to something else: ships can be destroyed by ships and planes and ground forces can be destroyed by ground forces and planes, but planes can only be destroyed by other planes, which seems a tad ridiculous. I'm not saying that soldiers and ships become AA sharpshooters overnight, but is it possible to give AA capabilities to ground forces and ships? Granted, it would not be very effective (even IRL, the best defense against a horde of planes is your own horde of planes) but sending 100 planes against like 100 ships and only the ships taking damage is a bit ridiculous. And before someone points out that ground forces can loot and ships can blockade but planes can't do anything, I'm fairly certain that planes are already the heavy hitting unit as is. They do far more damage than most other units.
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    what about PoliticsandWar on my Samsung Smart Fridge? I am actually poor and dont have one
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    I feel like that's an insult on my grammar in the dec. I'll have you know, I ran out of characters. Nothing else.
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    Are you sure he even had one of those?
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    It seems like this is the only way people are willing to go to war anymore- with ridiculously overwhelming odds. At least the SOUP is still hot
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    Oblivion declared war on Alpha. So yes, you did start the war.
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    This is dumb, RIP Sean’s 16th alliance.
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    Hello everyone, Today BK got a Yakuza tattoo. It's pretty simple, ride together die together. Signed for Yakuza Zhen Elijah Mikaelson Signed for BK:
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    The bandwagon is hot! -I mean soup. The soup is hot.
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    The Soup is filled with Kev & Charlie...
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    https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5514 // Blackstone Commission Ik we've already handled Apollyon's 100 man inactive micro. But guess what, it's back in Blue.
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    Uhhh I was asleep, what?
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    *munches popcorn* Carry on micros
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    Welcome Back Trollman. A second, a poem for sean. Threw the obvious to you Sean You flew with it on your back my name In your recollection down among a million same Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over about you not takin my advice when I've looked right through to see you, gripping a vice You’re naked but oblivious of whom to trust and you don't see me, except when I thrust. a sad day, but it may be the play of yesterday.
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    So, is there any reason at all, that there's like fifteen alliances declaring on Sean's alliance? I mean, I mean no disrespect to my friend Sean, but I think any one of those alliances can take his alliance, let alone all fifteen of you guys. Dear lord.
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    I mean it's already been pointed out to you that your suggestion wouldn't actually do anything to stop that.
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    Is TPC some kind of new synthetic drug? Who are you? Anyway too long I stopped reading after the first paragraph
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    Let's break this down You'd need 8.04 lead per day per factory or 60.3 for 5 with 1.5x cost in a city or just under $65k at current market prices for lead Operational costs are 3500 per day or $17500 for 5 You'd receive 24.12 PDPF of munitions or 180.9 a day with 1.5x bonus for ~168k 168000-(17500+65000)= $85500 a day after buying the project. For comparison it would be ~125500-(17500+48500)=$59500 without the project. At 30 cities you'd have a bonus of only $780k which is ~115 days. If, however, you take that $90mil and chuck it into a bank at 2% weekly and forget about it instead you'd generate 1.8mil every 7 days and it would take 265 days to be a worthwhile investment, assuming market prices don't fall further, of course. Not nearly a year I admit but close enough to make the project useless. This is especially awful since munition factories are currently the most profitable manufactured resource. But ultimately none of the above matters since everyone above 20 cities is already spamming tf out of food
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    If you don't like these projects don't get them. If they push resource prices up it'll reach an equilibrium where fewer people get the projects. It gives people options and that's a good thing, especially for alliances doing targeted growth.
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    Who exactly are you again? Because you seem fairly irrelevant to me, kinda like a gnat
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    I guess he was put out the airlock.
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    Is a DoW really needed? I'm glad we're just fighting.
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    Syndicate is helping Pantheon out due to them still figuring out their leadership changes. In just one moment, they lost a couple members to Arrgh - who were high up in their gov and lost their leader. If anything, Syndicate is assisting them with becoming familiar with war. If it works, it works - fantastic. If it doesn't, well... There's been worst alliances at war.
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    That is a interesting question. A few come to mind, especially with the start of this current war...
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    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=660 15 less nukes.
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    Mensa was less than a year old when we helped reshape the dynamics of the world. We also carried above our weight in every war. So yes, it can be expected from NPO.
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    That is some of the funniest denial shit I've ever read. Second to the whole "We have no bad feelings towards Pantheon" shtick.
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    We'd still have performed the same. Actually, probably better, if we had started later than when we did. At least then, we wouldn't have to deal with sudden changes ( Spy change, random Military changes, Score change, etc ) after we developed counters~
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    I understand, I don't really consider members of NPO to be bright.
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    So Roq is a piece of shit. Cool.
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    >Mensa overwhelmed by 21 nations You need basic math.
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    I'm glad you took the time to make a meme just for that.
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    I don't know, using that as a meter, I think I'm in the right spot.
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    If you want to brag about how 23 nations in TEst left so many of our spies left that we could eliminate the bottom half of your alliances spy capability, be my guest Bambino. We had abandoned the spy project several days ago, so congrats on winning the battle due to "DNP". Truth be told, AIM offered absolutely no help and chose to peace out before their allies and non-allies they got rolled were off the battlefield, which would've been necessary long-term. This was just a short term operation that we ultimately abandoned due to reasons that will be public in a few days. We still wonder if you got outside help because we knew there is no way you could've taken out our 60 spy guys with what you had left. Even so, it's pretty embarrassing for you that we still can keep your leader Prefontaine at 0 spies and having taken 3000-5000 tanks from him or so (iirc). That's not going to matter, but it's hilarious. And has confirmed TEst is a joke of an alliance who uses paperless for cowardice and doesn't defend allies when facing odds they don't like or flips sides like a dying fish. Off topic, but for the record, TEst's cowardice is not the same the last NB-war. TKR had every reason to attack and there was very much aggression from NB towards them. It's not any secret tbh. The people that hit us also ran into thousands of nukes. That's a bit different than hitting 13 nations that only had 200 nukes. And on a side-note, I'm confused with all the TKR hate from Fark when they are tied closely to TKR now, having an direct ally, TRF even fighting a war with TKR. Off topic part 2, nukes don't matter. Spanish Armada was making $4.4b in cash each month and about $3b in resource generation.i Meaning about $7.4b a month @ 350 GDP. For just 13 nations. That means an alliance like TKR was making $25-30b a month or more even. Plus nukes are so neutered that unless you declare offensive wars everyone hits you with non-attrition wars, which is wise, but still makes them near-worthless given we all have warchests to rebuild all our infra and then some. If SA can be hit twice in 3 months and still have more than enough to rebuy all our infra, this game is fricking broken. Finally on-topic part WoT, it wouldn't be too hard to keep declaring up and dragging down 23v13, but none of us really care about this game anymore so we've opted for doing something on our terms in the future. Because have decently sized nations already, so time is not our enemy.
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    most interesting person in PW right now: Horsecock someone you'd like to know more about: Horsecock do you have a crush on anyone here?: Horsecock most notable leaders within PW: Horsecock
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    The #1 trending video on Orbistube right now: Pantheon Workout Routine GONE WRONG!
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    Keep on being you Alpha. We did not start this war but w/e. Keep harping on about Oblivion's leadership trying to seem like you know what your talking about. Same old Alpha.
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    Oooooh. Soooo hot. It is how everyone likes their Soup.
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    Remove the credit sell cap. Keep the credit use per month cap. Worst thing that will happen is alex makes more money and the price of a credit goes down. Thoughts?
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