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  1. you must be taken back a very long time then. when's the last time you even saw an Alpha or SA member post in these toxic public forums, let alone flexing? you must have an delusional excellent memory stop being so transparent.
  2. glad to be allied again! sorry you guys got shat on so badly by that ex-ally. we do got shat on by them too.
  3. i don't think people understand how often Fark or Nuke Bloc were targeted by for years by alliances on all sides of this conflict just because they thought we were easy targets. Fark probably just wants to be left alone. glad they found a nice group of allies who know how solid they are. 730 nukes. that brings back memories.
  4. since this is the OOC section of the forums..... (remember?) welcome all the new nations that were just recruited into the game! and thank you to NPO or whoever else is doing outside recruiting to keep the game growing.
  5. they were posted by Roquentin earlier in this thread. i'm guessing by a lot of the replies in this thread most people haven't read them.
  6. It's funny that you cancelled House Arryn because they got attacked by BK. Or did they cancel on you because you failed to honor your mutual defense pact? No wait, is it because House Arryn is "simply too powerful" and honoring a treaty would be unfair for BK?
  7. @Serva it might be a better idea to just go talk to The Originals, your MDoAP ally. That's what mutual defense pacts are for.
  8. Yea, I agree with you Mad Max, Placentica is such a retard!
  9. good fight guys. proud of our Alpha teams! now everyone can forget about boring micro drama so we can go back to the irrelevancy we like.
  10. Oblivion declared war on Alpha. So yes, you did start the war.
  11. thanks frawley! i love you. and we have our first nuke thrown............by oblivion! oblivion is the winner of a first class economy class ticket to nuke bloc 2.0! with it comes a ticket upkeep fee of $80 million dollars. and another war deserter: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=27112 Gilesy1 of Brith
  12. >we didn't bail to avoid war. we were gearing for another wave when we decided to focus our attention on other games, not this one - which wasn't much fun. much like a lot of people we knew have left from the old days. we had a peace offer on the table from TEst anyway. but we discussed it and were like "frick it, why bother". so we left. >and if oblivion has the balls to not try any antics, this will be fun too. actually a challenge for the first time unlike the defensive 10v1, 5v1, 3v1 wars that you have no chance after 4 hours. but make no bones, offensive strikes are always way
  13. this post makes you sound like a total idiot. we didn't post higher bounties on the smaller nations because at some point the bounty is higher than the infra loss. we didn't want to incentive you to just attack yourself to collect the bounty. stop being such an idiot. want proof? after the bounties Brasilia returned the extra, $95m: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=64542&display=bank and we still have plenty left plus we gifted some people after we posted the bounties that had been good to us. we weren't joking when we send we had a warchest. it's not a big surprise that
  14. we aren't quitting. we are taking a break, we may resume this war at some point in the future of our choosing. you might want to stay maxed out TEst. prefontaine definitely was extremely butthurt when he left Alpha. he wanted to be made gov and Plac wouldn't put him anywhere near a gov role and that really pissed him off. he kept trying to stir up drama in Alpha, thinking he could find support from other members but failing, which is no surprise given how he's behaving in this thread. he was barely ever even accepted because of his history and Plac said he had lied to him straight to his
  15. i think it's in poor taste to post things like this, poking fun at long-time members who may be permanently leaving a game. if 3 gets you all hot and bothered wait for a few days when it's all 13 of us. but if it makes you feel better about yourself, feel free to continue your griefing. tho, it was only some spies and a few thousand tanks, not that big a deal at all man. no need to get so worked up.
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