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  1. R Johnson

    peace talks

    It's usually pretty standard to admit defeat when you've lost a war. Not sure why this is such a problem for Coalition A. ' It's not anyone else's fault if you are unwilling to do something so simple and obvious.
  2. Stop trying so hard please. If you or your allies stopped rolling Fark every few years maybe it wouldn't be so transparent.
  3. If you have enough style to roll into Winterfell with this, I'll pay your gas bill. And no it's not butt-ugly. It's a beautiful bridge-crushing work of art.
  4. Hey look, another person posting a topic about how long the war has gone. *yawns* I didn't realize there were so many faux-philosophers in this game.
  5. So the question(s) are: 1-99. Are you worried that Hurricane Dorian will hit you in Alabama as per the more detailed NOAA forecasts?
  6. Good fight Oblivion. Shout out to Insert My Name Here who was the only Oblivion member who continued to fight after the first few rounds. You will always be The $yndicate guy to us. 😎
  7. I'm glad Plac took one for the team here. I saw enough logs to make me realize how much effort this took.
  8. Also confirmed individual nations who are leaving the war: Romax of Romaxland "I wish to leave this war and not re-enter in any way, rejoin Oblivion and will not launch any attacks, spying, or aiding of Oblivion from another alliance for the duration of the Alpha-Oblivion conflict." and Tifa Lockhart of 7th Heaven "I wish to leave this war and not re-enter in any way, rejoin Oblivion and will not launch any attacks, spying, or aiding of Oblivion from another alliance for the duration of the Alpha-Oblivion conflict." Any people wishing to leave the war can individually surrender and withdraw. We aren't keeping people at war due to Oblivion's leadership. Sad to see them down to 5 members now for a war they wanted and started.
  9. Whoa, times are changing when Prefontaine has double the nukes of the entire alliance of Alpha.
  10. Yes and you were also in VM until a few days ago. What is the phrase? Kettle meet pot?
  11. If you want to brag about how 23 nations in TEst left so many of our spies left that we could eliminate the bottom half of your alliances spy capability, be my guest Bambino. We had abandoned the spy project several days ago, so congrats on winning the battle due to "DNP". Truth be told, AIM offered absolutely no help and chose to peace out before their allies and non-allies they got rolled were off the battlefield, which would've been necessary long-term. This was just a short term operation that we ultimately abandoned due to reasons that will be public in a few days. We still wonder if you got outside help because we knew there is no way you could've taken out our 60 spy guys with what you had left. Even so, it's pretty embarrassing for you that we still can keep your leader Prefontaine at 0 spies and having taken 3000-5000 tanks from him or so (iirc). That's not going to matter, but it's hilarious. And has confirmed TEst is a joke of an alliance who uses paperless for cowardice and doesn't defend allies when facing odds they don't like or flips sides like a dying fish. Off topic, but for the record, TEst's cowardice is not the same the last NB-war. TKR had every reason to attack and there was very much aggression from NB towards them. It's not any secret tbh. The people that hit us also ran into thousands of nukes. That's a bit different than hitting 13 nations that only had 200 nukes. And on a side-note, I'm confused with all the TKR hate from Fark when they are tied closely to TKR now, having an direct ally, TRF even fighting a war with TKR. Off topic part 2, nukes don't matter. Spanish Armada was making $4.4b in cash each month and about $3b in resource generation.i Meaning about $7.4b a month @ 350 GDP. For just 13 nations. That means an alliance like TKR was making $25-30b a month or more even. Plus nukes are so neutered that unless you declare offensive wars everyone hits you with non-attrition wars, which is wise, but still makes them near-worthless given we all have warchests to rebuild all our infra and then some. If SA can be hit twice in 3 months and still have more than enough to rebuy all our infra, this game is fricking broken. Finally on-topic part WoT, it wouldn't be too hard to keep declaring up and dragging down 23v13, but none of us really care about this game anymore so we've opted for doing something on our terms in the future. Because have decently sized nations already, so time is not our enemy.
  12. You are really throwing me for a loop with this TEst trolling.
  13. So you are just wrong. As usual. Grata was not going for beige. He was doing max damage down to a min. pts level he could. He'd have easily stopped the ground attacks with one double buy, as he had access to as much resources as he wanted which he could since he wasn't doing the blockading. While we were doing our spy-attack wave, he saw an opening and couldn't take any real high cost dmg at that point, so he did a bit of damage while doing spy attacks on your lower tier. lol TEst, Alex forbid someone use a deliberately misleading DoW. That never happens, right? It was not technically a 1v1. There was some overlap in the wars, so Grataz had to keep zero mil until they finished. But we did this in the NB-war where you could declare 1 war and have the nations forget you declared or pixel hug (like TEst did here) and beige you. They were stupid to beige Grata when Grata wasn't anywhere near winning their war, but they didn't want to take another nuke or forgot/didn't check. So they beiged him, leaving Duskorn high and dry. Forunately for TEst, we weren't interested in beiging anyone currently.
  14. Though from what I heard it was Fark gov who wanted to peace out quickly and was the party who started peace talks. Though from my recollection you were definitely the most fun in Fark, balls-to-the-walls. So o7 Nuke Gods. Having 10 or so more nations to spy to keep the spies down in TEst's lower tier would've sure been nice. Welp, we'll move on, never did receive much protection from that alliance anyway. My they disband in peace unless that's changing now from what they told us before.
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