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  1. Unlimited

    Remove war

    congrads your now the games most hated player
  2. Unlimited

    When Boredom Strikes

    from someone whos seen irl ockey can confirm
  3. Unlimited

    When Boredom Strikes

    6 but its irrelivent i am the offical Dip for Oblivion park is leader
  4. Unlimited

    When Boredom Strikes

    hahahahahahahahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh no he hit an alliance that was still rebuilding ohhh nooooo it doesnt mean shit what you were doing he was like hey lets frick these guys thisll be fun side note why everyone talking about ockey?? park is the leader of Oblivion
  5. Unlimited

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    Best Rookie Alliance: Goon Squad Best New Addition to the Community: Fluffy Phillips  Player of the Year: Ockey5
  6. Unlimited

    Respldnet 3nd

    hey, you guys wanna merge?
  7. Unlimited

    Need help & Friends

    just get enough infra for me to raid you and then drop your protectors and dm me your nation
  8. Unlimited

    UNC Spying?

    epi de best
  9. Unlimited

    UNC Spying?

    @JordyHamsVIIyou tried to defend yourself? haha
  10. weird its a really good song and is now in my playlist haha
  11. theres only one pleb below 1k score, you can bomb the rest of us also nice anthem @Komiko
  12. this really isnt epis alliance, dont tell him but he has no power personally i blame ockey You are? Valid CB detected. try us
  13. this is possibly the best alliance in the history of orbis
  14. Unlimited

    Omega's New Deputy Prime Minister

    Congratulations on giving the most inconsequential forum post ever
  15. Unlimited

    Shifty News Network-Voters Guide to the 2018 Rose Presidential Elections

    also an option, if you get elected then i expect this

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