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  1. lmao i love that he thought he was gonna get malware from a discord call
  2. We tried to stop Ob from exsisting, it didnt work
  3. Cheers for the fun times fraggle First nuke First nuke dropped First player to have their own achievement First player over 1000 nukes First player over 15000 score I wish you well and hope you've enjoyed your 2100 days I don't think you will be forgotten
  4. love it haha project seem pretty whale focused very happy with the extra war slot
  5. you have to pay 2 credits for that haha
  6. Second part about 1/3 sounds stupid, 1/4 is more reasonable but i still prefer the current stystem
  7. Camelot collectively: makes 4 comments on what was ovbiously a joke also Camelot: claims were the salty ones
  8. you forgot to mention half your goverment leaving!
  9. Hey mitsuru haha yeah, every prot so far has asked us to merge, bar TCW, and camelot were just mega dicks about it
  10. you normally have to pay for govt spots?
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