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Have you heard of Discord? A Revolutionary Leap by TKR!


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Not going to lie, I thought based on the title that this was some random, probably ChatGPT-generated, nonsense someone posted for literally no reason and I was about to die. I was pleasantly surprised. Welcome to Discord, TKR.

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Federation of Knox

Enlightened of Chaos, Event Horizon

QA Team and API Team

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TKR's move is absolutely revolutionary and I am excited to be a part of it. It's not always easy being one of the first communities to make this sort of move and I hope others with follow our industry-leading example and join this new and innovative chat software.

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2 minutes ago, Canbec said:

As soon as we found out about Discord, we felt it was nothing less than our duty to share this wondrous technology with the rest of Orbis!

Oh that’s true, a great service indeed. Maybe I’ll check it out.

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Peace in our time

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3 minutes ago, The Titan said:

This absolutely did not need a forum post lmao. Especially in alliance affairs.

But good for you.

If someone can post about their safekeeping we can post about this. 

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1 hour ago, Canbec said:


Hello Friends, Future Allies and Arrgh,

The Knights Radiant are thrilled to announce a monumental shift in our digital communication realm. We are bidding a fond farewell to our old companion, Slack, and embarking on an exciting journey to a new, somewhat mystical platform known as... Discord!

Now, you might be wondering, "What in the world is Discord?" Allow us to enlighten you! Discord is a little-known cutting-edge communication tool that we expect will one day take the world by storm. A blend of chat rooms, voice channels, and video conferencing, all wrapped up in a neat, user-friendly package. It's like the modern town square, a place where communities can gather, share ideas, and engage in lively discussions. We're quite certain it's going to be the next big thing in Orbis, and we're embarking on this journey to introduce this hidden gem to the masses, believing wholeheartedly in our role as trailblazers in this digital era.

Our migration to Discord is a testament to our undying commitment to innovation, exploration, and perhaps a bit of magic. We're ready to dive headfirst into features like “voice chat” and “unlimited message history”, which sound like they've been plucked straight from a wizard's spellbook.

Why are we moving to Discord, you ask? Well, it offers more flexibility and a dynamic way to connect with each other. Plus, it's a fantastic opportunity for us to welcome friends (and foes) like you into our community. Whether you're a seasoned Discord user or a newbie, we promise a welcoming and entertaining experience.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us into unchartered territory, by joining our Discord server here. We know that most of you, like us, view joining Discord as a daunting challenge. But fear not! We’ll navigate these new waters together, and come out of this adventure with even stronger bonds of friendship than before. Join us for chats, voice hangouts, and the occasional accidental self-muting.

Looking forward to seeing you on Discord, where innovation meets a healthy dose of TKR community spirit.

The Knights Radiant
Pioneering the Digital Frontier, One Click at a Time

TL;DR - TKR is moving to Discord. Come hang out with us here: https://discord.gg/theknightsradiant!

In response to this surprising news, Singularity will be officially moving to Slack. But in all seriousness, congrats on moving to discord. Just make sure to block anyone that asks you in dm's to try out a new game they're making.

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Welcome to discord! I might suggest my 2 favorite servers RON (named for your long time ally sweeeeet ronny D) and thalmoria (no relation to Thalmor unfortunately)


9 hours ago, Miller said:

We apologize for Doc in advance. 

Oh no! There's already a Doc that lurks in RON about sus bot stuff! This will be so confusing. 

9 hours ago, Velyni Vas said:

End of an era.

The start of an era.

Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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10 hours ago, Miller said:

We apologize for Doc in advance. 

Not advance enough. He's been roaming around discord for years.

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Humans cannot create anything out of nothingness. Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding onto something. After all, humans are not gods.

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45 minutes ago, Sval said:

Discord? What's that?

im told its a type of seed that you sow and then farm year round. im not a farmer though, not within my field of expertise 

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Inform Zigbir I have forgotten how to edit the signature field
Please remind me how to do it post haste!

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