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  1. -said TKR, after making Quack 2.0 by signing hedgemoney and creating Hollywood.
  2. >edgy teen trying to make a shitpost that's so incoherent you can't even read it >horrible spelling and punctuation >posted in Alliance Affairs >is in VM checks out
  3. I hate to gravedig a post from 19th of August, but this is my semi-annual log in to the PW Forums, so I shall leave you with this beauty:
  4. Are you gonna updeclare on us? lmfao, cute
  5. I like the shade, It's rather breezy here.
  6. Thank you sheepy servers for letting me post this within 55 minutes.
  7. Damn, Isjaki making a real change. who knew Camelot would lose an entire spy war to a single spy op from a single c26?
  8. can't believe it's been two years already
  9. @Dr Rush We did a poll on it over at RON, does nearly 400 votes count?
  10. Can't We Build A System To Make Our $ Double Or More? Can't We Build A System To Make Our Deposits Double Or More? But There Is A Question Where Will Be The Money Come From? Yes, The Money Can Come From The Game Administration.. Or, We Can Make A System Where The Alliance Will Keep A Budget Every Month For The Urgent Needs Or Project Works Of It's Member Nations.. Thanks! Plz Check This Matter.. reference to: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/31432-cant-we-build-a-system-to-make-our-double-or-more/
  11. Krampus


    Thorny issue *ba dum tss*
  12. Do you know what would be an awesome addition to this? Cocaine.
  13. The face when tCW is blocked off an entire color bloc in perpetuity. What has tCW come to?
  14. me waiting for gw17 atm *popcorn munching noises*
  15. What I feel will happen to Quack now that Cam has joined Oasis:
  16. What I feel will happen to Quack now that Cam has left Rose with full militarization: Blitz when?
  17. Read: https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=521256 and: https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=523652 P.S: When are you blitzing me, @Rose?
  18. PS it is nice to see Yarr continuing to follow the doctrine I put in place years ago - You can fault me for many things, but training and indoctrinating my crew to make peace wherever possible and hug pixels is not one of them.
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